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Vital essentials you should know on shisha pens – What they are & how they work

If you’re someone who still doesn’t know what a shisha pen is, it is an electronic water pipe shaped similarly like a cigarette and which vaporises a flavoured liquid called the e-juice. In order to grab a fine experience on-the-go, the shisha pen is always ready to use. Moreover, due to the fact that the shisha pen vaporises the e-liquid, it doesn’t comprise of carbon monoxide or tar or any other toxins which are otherwise burnt in case of cigarettes. So, the shisha pen is a rather modern evolution of the age-old ancient tradition.

Although smoking of hookahs is an age-old tradition which dates back to several years, yet the invention of shisha pens or e-hookahs is rather recent. Before you book your shisha pen from, here are few things that you should keep in mind.

#1: They don’t release toxins

Shisha pens only release a pure and clean vapour which is devoid of carbon monoxide, tar or any other toxin that are harmful for your health. These are the key poisonous chemicals which are directly linked with health issues that arise due to hookahs and tobacco products. As hookahs and cigarettes burn tobacco, they give off too many harmful by-products. But this is not the case with shisha pens.

#2: Shisha pens don’t contain nicotine

By now you must be aware of the fact that nicotine is the main addictive element which is found in cigarettes. Though it isn’t harmful alone, yet it is the key element which leads to the addiction. Hence, this is something that you would love to enjoy in the e-juice that you choose. You may accordingly choose nicotine strength for the flavor that you vape.

#3: No restrictions in public

As shisha pens don’t release smoke, they even don’t have any kind of restrictions in being vaped in public. Unlike smoking, they don’t release any harmful second-hand smoke. This is the reason why they are tolerated in public as there’s nothing annoying.

#4: No lingering odour

Since there is no tar or other bad additives in the vapour that is released from the electronic cigarettes, there is no smell that lingers on to your dress or hair or fingers. All your personal possessions will be free from the smell of smoke as there is no smoke involved in it. You will also be able to interact with people with more self-confidence.

Therefore, if you’ve been wondering about whether or not you should take to vaping rather than smoking, you shouldn’t give it a second thought. The FDA has also proved that vaping is 95% safer than smoking and hence you may give it a try!

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