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Does CBD Cause Hallucinations?

Even though cannabis has been around for decades, there are still some misconception about its effects. One of the misconceptions is that it can make some users hallucinate. So does CBD cause hallucinations? Let’s find out more.

  • What is hallucination?

According to experts, a hallucination is “an experience that involves the apparent perception of something that’s not present.” In layman’s language, it is when the brain makes us perceive or believe that something is real, while it is not real for another person.

A hallucination is not always obvious to those that experience them. Hallucinations don’t necessarily stem from drug use. It can just happen. However, there are drugs that can cause genuine hallucinations. These drugs are called hallucinogens. Examples include peyote, LSD, magic mushrooms, etc.

  • Does CBD make you hallucinate?

The answer to this question is no, according to Vsavi GreenHouse blog, CBD does not cause hallucinations. If you look at CBD forums and similar places, you are likely to find someone who claims that some of the stronger cannabis such as sativa can cause hallucinations. But this is not true.

There’s an easy explanation for the misconception surrounding the hallucination effects of cannabis and how some strains can even cause visuals. Cannabis can indeed affect the optic nerve directly. This can result in effects such as blurred vision or “flushes”- visual distortions that are usually mistaken for hallucinations.

But these effects cannot qualify for hallucinations. Again, some anecdotal reports indicate that taking cannabis together with some medications can cause hallucinations; in this case, the effect would be entirely different compared to true hallucinogenic drugs.

Researchers in the medical field believe that hallucinations from medicinal weeds result from tetrahydrocannabinol [THC], which is a psychoactive cannabinoid. Research has shown that when THC lowers the activity of the caudate nucleus in the human brain, it can cause hallucinations.

Researchers have eliminated the possibility of CBD causing hallucinations by testing them. They found that CBD increases the activity in the caudate nucleus.

  • Conclusion

Contrary to the myths surrounding CBD, cannabis offer all sorts of benefits. Its benefits include; it can be used to treat chronic pain, improve sleep, increase appetite for people with eating disorders, you can use it to relax your mind, among other uses. What cannabis doesn’t do is to cause hallucinations. Classifying CBD as something it is not is not helping, and it doesn’t end up benefitting anybody either. That’s why it is high time this myth of hallucination goes away.

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