Treatment of Erectile Dysfunction by Priapus Shot Dallas

Today, many males are facing sex-related problems. This has a drastic effect on the warmness between relationships. These problems make it difficult to achieve normal sexual satisfaction.

It is estimated that approximately 50% of men that are above 50 are facing these problems. These problems can be both age-related or some disease/disorder-related.

Priapus shot Dallas provides cost effective and an efficiently regulated treatment for all patients and also provides proper consultation after the treatment.

What Is Erectile Dysfunction?

It is the most commonly faced sex problem.

A male having ED fails to have or maintain an erection for intercourse and his sexual appetite falls.

The seriousness of the problems depends on their frequency. It is normal for a man to not have an erection because it can be due to nervousness or anxiety/depression and other problems.

But if this situation occurs more frequently, it is more likely to be called a problem. It also has a very discouraging effect on a man’s self-esteem.


The causes of erectile dysfunction vary. They can be:

  • Emotional
  • Hormonal
  • Physical
  • Age-related

Anxiety, depression, stress, relationship problems are the emotional causes

Many disorders like

  • CVDs
  • High Blood Pressure
  • Obesity
  • Consuming Drugs and alcohol
  • Smoking
  • Any damage to the pelvic region

Can cause Erectile Dysfunction.

Low testosterone levels can also be the cause of Erectile Dysfunction.

Actually, erection happens when blood flows towards the penis. This blood flow is stimulated by hormonal causes on a signal by the brain.

The penile arteries relax allowing the blood to fill. As a result, the penis becomes stiff and hard.

An average erection can last for 10 minutes. Many medicines can prolong it.

After it, the penile arteries contract and the blood flows out and the erection ends.

Treatment by Priapus Shot, Dallas

It is a much safer and easier treatment than others which involve medication plans, surgery, and testosterone therapy.

A great number of people have benefitted from this therapy without getting any major side effects.

It begins with blood extraction from your arm, only a small amount. A local anesthetic is applied to the arm and the blood is taken out.

Then it is placed in a centrifugal device which causes the blood to spin down the centrifuge.

Every component of blood has a different density so, following the centrifuge principle, the growth factors and platelets separate out.

Both of these are important as platelets cause repair of damaged blood vessels while growth factors stimulate the growth of new vessels.

A plasma concentrated with platelets is then injected into the penis where these platelets and growth factors carry out the tissue renewal method like, they’d do in case of an injury.

The tissues in the penis become stronger and get more support due to the growth factors.

It is a very fast delivery method. Some of the patients can achieve full results in 3 months or more. Moreover, it is a completely natural method with no particular side effects.

Reference: Dallas Anti-aging and Wellness

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