All you need to know about lower back pain, including its causes

Lower back pain is one of the conditions that affect approximately eighty percent of Americans at any point during their lives. It is also the leading cause of job-related disabilities and leads to absenteeism at work resulting in reduced production. That is why lower back pain in Las Vegas is treated and managed by a board of certified orthopedic surgeons and spine specialists. These specialists are experienced in diagnosing and treating lower back pain using both non-surgical and state-of-art surgical procedures.

What are some of the common causes of lower back pain?

Some conditions and injuries can cause lower back pain ranging from degenerative diseases to acute injuries and spinal deformities. For instance, strains and sprains in your connective tissues and back muscles are the causes of most acute back pains. However, in other cases, your lower back pain may be due to spondylosis, lordosis, kyphosis, osteoarthritis, scoliosis, degenerative disc disease, herniated or bulging discs, osteoporosis fracture, personal injury, or workplace injury.

Therefore, if you have shooting pains, weakness, or electric-like sensations in your buttocks or one leg in combination with your back, the pain could be due to compression of your lower spinal cord or sciatic nerve. Sciatica, therefore, refers to a collection of symptoms that occur when your herniated disc or other conditions compresses or irritates your sciatic nerve. It causes symptoms that radiate down to the legs past your knees but are commonly felt at your feet.

When should you talk to your doctor about lower back pain?

In most cases, if you are experiencing lower back pain as a result of a sprain or strain in your back, which should subside after a few days of rest and home therapies, including cold and hot compresses and over-the-counter medications. Therefore, if this pain does not subside and lasts for more than two to four weeks or begins to intensify, you are advised to seek medical help for appropriate diagnosis and treatment.

How is the cause of lower back pain diagnosed?

The health care facility provides a comprehensive examination that entails various diagnostic tests to help identify the cause of your back pain. Some of the diagnostic tests available are myelography, spinal injections, x-rays, bone scan, MRIs, discography, and CT scan. Similarly, during the examination, the doctor may inquire more about your pain and other symptoms to help develop a diagnosis. He also examines your spine, checking for any abnormalities, and may also guide you through some movements to enable him to locate the cause of your pain and determine its effect on your mobility.

How is lower back pain treated?

The doctor provides a variety of both surgical and non-surgical treatment options for your lower back pain. He also comes up with a treatment plan to address your specific condition to alleviate your pain and also heal your condition. The treatment plan may include nerve blocks, physical therapy, reconstruction surgeries, spinal injections, fusion surgeries, chiropractic treatment, radiofrequency ablation, and disc replacement. The doctor is also skilled in performing traditional open surgical operations together with minimally invasive and robotic surgical techniques.

Therefore if you are experiencing lower back pain, call or visit McNulty Spine today. Your lower back pain will be treated by a team of specialists to ensure that it is not affecting your quality of life.




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