Chronic Back Pain Remedies to Help Redefine Your Life

Chronic back pain can make your life unbearable and less productive, though it is common in the United States. The issue can give you sleepless nights and even prevent you from reaching some set goals in your life. However, when you find experts for back pain in Houston, you have many reasons to smile. William Yancey, MD, experienced specialized in treating pain, can provide you the much-needed relief that will ensure you lead an almost normal life.

How can chronic back pain affect your quality of life?

Your body works like a machine, with various joints that facilitate mobility. For you to move your body efficiently, your muscles, ligaments, bones, discs, and nerves coordinate. These coordinations help in both forward and backward movements that help you accomplish many activities without any pain. However, when you get an injury at one point of these coordinations or mechanical malfunctions at the tendons, you will likely feel an uncomfortable, painful sensation. Various reasons can make you prone to these malfunctions, but the most common ones include:

  •         Sciatica
  •         Pinched nerves
  •         Strains and sprains
  •         Degenerative disc issues
  •         Vertebral compression fractures
  •         Spinal stenosis
  •         Herniated discs

When you fall or even a car accident, exuberate the chances of chronic back pain or any symptoms that lead to the problem. However, old age alone can make you a chronic back pain patient due to degenerations that occur as you age.

Remedies that can help deal with your chronic back pain

Some treatments that you may consider for the problem include:

  •         Minimally invasive procedures
  •         Medications
  •         Non-invasive procedures
  •         Injections

Dr. Yancey has various ways in which to deal with your back pain. Your problem and the extremes of it will dictate to your doctor the best approach to take. For instance, when you have vertebral compressions, your doctor can take a different approach in providing you with the best remedy.

Treatment approaches doctors use to treat your back pain

You can benefit from engineering approaches to prevent further damages such as severe weight loss, pain, or even deformities. In the instance you have taken a significant toll from your osteoporosis, your doctor can help restore your height and even improve the way you look. Therefore, Dr. Yancey focuses not only on the symptoms but also on your overall looks to improve your confidence. Other fixed issues you can appreciate from Yancey Pain & Spine’s services include stability, where your doctor will help you maintain balance as you walk and some muscle functions lost due to severe disease.

The technological age and investments in science have improved pain management therapies over the years. One such treatment that Yancey Pain & Spine makes use of include BurstDR™ that has significant efficacy in pain management and has proved safe over the years.

Dr. Yancey also adds a human touch to most of the back-pain relief therapies, as you get a friendly person who will listen and even work with you to ensure your issue dissipates and you lead a much better life.

Benefit from the best pain therapies offered by Yancey Pain & Spine and have another reason to smile. Begin your journey to a new life by calling or booking your appointment online.

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