Matters needing attention about wearing the wigs

There are many choices of line styles, and different types. And not just for the people of hair loss, but a method of fashion hair style to follow fashion. As for carrying them, the most important thing to remember is that the wig should see and feel how the woman wants him to wig. No matter what the subject, wigs can change the way you look, and search online, you can get the quality, but cheap wigs. Good luck to you! Virgin hair Lace wigs have evolved to be an important part of fashion hair these days.

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Any person’s scalp hair follicles are easily injured, if often take the wig, hair problems make the metabolism of scalp hair follicles, there are two consequences:

  1. Some hair follicles damaged do not grow new hair.
  2. Damage to the hair follicles to grow new hair after a quality will be very fragile, easy to yellow, fall off. Before using the wig in the best net seam in pad a hairnet, such already can help fixed, and convenient for cleaning.

Wig is generally to be cleaned once every 3-7 days to completed. Before washing with thick soft brush or loose tooth wooden comb gently from top to bottom, the dirt, dust, scrub clean.

Then put the wig in the solution of detergent in warm water (the water temperature is 25-30 degrees), soak for 10 minutes after rinse gently with the hand, rinse available comb to dung on the wig. Note that thousand into may not be a wig in water knead, lest the wig falls off and send. Final reoccupy clear water is rinsed the wig clean, wipe gently with a dry towel blot moisture on wigs, wig with a little hair cream, hanging in a ventilated place dry, reoccupy hair curler fixed or blowing to finalize the design. If you don’t often use, can use a plastic bag sealed collection.

Wig is the demand in the life, because if the clip hot dye, pick out the satisfactory style. Available ribs soft brush every day wear and loose tooth big wooden comb combing required by hair gently. If temporarily need not, usable hairpin clip in the direction shown by the corrugated good fixed; Before going to bed to play fake hair, well ventilated place.

How should pay attention to protect the scalp when wearing a wig? After wearing the wig, because the head is like wearing a thick hat, make scalp fever, and heat is a kind of catalyst, can cause scalp metabolism was accelerated. Therefore, scalp is easy to sweat, and secrete more sebum, become less greasy. People with dandruff increase trend, wearing a wig can make the symptoms worse.

If don’t wear the wig due to work needs, suggest to buy good quality wig, and wear time for no more than 6 hours a day (8 hours to wear, remove the wig in the middle of the rest time as far as possible to the scalp rest 10 minutes, this can reduce the damage to the scalp).

So, wear a wig is best to wash a head every night, head of grease, dirt, in order to protect the scalp, hair clean and health.

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