7 Signs of Sensitive Skin  

We are aware of the sensitivity of our skin, a vital part of our body organs that remains forever. The only difference is that some people have more sensitive skin than other ones, and even a minor adversity can affect it easily. It is not necessary that a particular skin care treatment is applicable to all. People have to understand if their skin is sensitive. There are some signs that can help you understand if you have a sensitive skin.

Skin Sensitivity Matters:

Sensitive skin is not a medical condition but a natural phenomenon. As a human being, we all are blessed with a body filled with emotion and senses and no one can ignore or undermine the skin’s sensitivity. Usually, we apply some sort of skin care products like A Ret gel to diagnose skin blemishes and enhance its natural beauty. On the other hand, many people do experience side effects of cosmetic and beauty products like creams, lotions, sunscreens, soaps, and shampoos due to their sensitive skin. It is essential to take care of your skin’s sensitivity while using any such beauty products. How would you know that your skin is sensitive? Well, some signs can help you understand the intensity of your skin’s sensitivity. These signs are considered as:

  1. If you experience reactions or side effect of any sunscreens or cosmetic beauty products
  2. If you develop itching and rash from a skin care product
  3. If a new skin care treatment does not provide the desired results
  4. If you are uncomfortable with the aromatic beauty products
  5. If you have had reactions to a prescription medication like cream, lotion, shampoo or gel
  6. If you experience skin irritation or allergies to a beauty product
  7. If you develop a health condition like asthma, allergy, eczema, blister, nausea or hay fever after using a skin care product

Those who experience all these conditions after using a beauty product, it means they probably have a sensitive skin.

It is important to note that the feeling of irritation due to a sensitive skin is different from the allergic reaction. It may also happen due to weak immunity, pollution or chemical contact. Even a sensitive skin can cope with the sporadic use of a particular ingredient, but its excess application may cause a skin problem. A normal skin is also irritated by the application of a harsh scrub or chemical element. In some cases, the application of an element shows different results if it is used in different quantities. For example, the Vitamin C serum of 10% is fine to apply on the skin but it gets irritated by 20%, and so the results with glycolic skin care products. 

Solutions to deal with sensitive skin:

Those who really have a sensitive skin are advised to take precautionary measures to reduce the impact of reactions of the skin care products. These measures include:

  • Use a beauty product that is comfortable for sensitive skin
  • Avoid those products made from chemicals that can disturb the skin’s sensitivity
  • Rely on herbal products or natural skin care treatment that does not cause any allergies
  • Consult a dermatologist to understand the possible elements that can hurt the skin’s tone texture
  • Leave a product immediately if you experience any allergic reaction from that
  • It is better to use a medically proved skin care item like A Ret gel to lower the risks of acne breakout
  • Be watchful to the reactions of a skin cream
  • Avoid excess use of any beauty products like cosmetic defoliator
  • Take healthy and nutritious diet to take care of skin’s sensitivity


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