Health And Cosmetic Benefits Of Body Jet Liposuction

Body jet liposuction surgery in Thailand is becoming popular among medical tourists. Many people across the globe have battled with weight loss. This has made them endure rigorous exercises and suffered through restrictive diets. Even though to some extent diets and exercises have helped, it’s difficult to get rid of excess fatty deposits especially on specific parts of our bodies.

In Thailand today, body jet is one of the safest methods available for body sculpting and permanent fat removal. There are many medical clinics that offer body jet service, KPS Clinic is one of them. For more information about the services and reviews, you may use the term ดูดไขมัน Body Jet to browse for more details on internet.

The procedure allows real-time precise contouring with today’s state-of-the-art technology that involves the use of water. Thailand offers liposuction procedures as a solution to this problem. Here is why:

Fewer health risks

Less fat means having a healthier body. Your heart is less exposed to cardiac diseases because there are fewer cells to pump blood to. Also, there is less stress on the joints which in turn helps you prevent joint problems and arthritis.

No bruising and swelling 

Your skin won’t hurt after body jet liposuction because the jet is a gentle but very efficient technique that eliminates fat cells. Traditional liposuction causes bruising and swelling after the surgery.

No fat gain 

Fat cells are present under your skin, therefore, when you gain fat they swell and become big. To prevent weight gain especially after the surgery, you should have an exercise plan and watch your diet.  After the procedure, even though you’ll gain some weight, the treated areas won’t get the fatback. The weight will be distributed to other parts of the body where you have fat cells. It is impossible to gain fat in those areas because with the body jet liposuction procedure all the fat cells are removed.

Leaner body 

This surgery is a guarantee of getting the body you’ve always wanted. The surgery will sculpt your body and get rid of excess fat which will have a great effect on your self-esteem. Body jet liposuction can be done on slender people who have fat deposits that are very difficult to get rid of. For overweight people, they should lose up to 25lbs before undergoing the surgery. Also, the surgery is recommended in the last phases of a weight loss diet. For overweight people, they can lose a certain amount f fat first then the rest that is resistant and almost impossible to get rid of, they can opt for body jet liposuction.

No skin irregularities 

There will be no indentations or ripples on the skin’s surface after the procedure if it is performed by a certified specialist. This is because the fat cells will be carefully extracted without causing any damage to the layer under the skin.

Local anesthesia is needed 

Local anesthesia has fewer risks compared to general anesthesia which has higher risks especially for patients who suffer from heart conditions.

Short recovery time

Compared to traditional liposuction, the body jet liposuction procedure necessitates a shorter recovery time. Depending on how much fat has been extracted, the healing time ranges from 2-5 days.


Body jet liposuction is highly recommended than traditional liposuction. When done with local anesthesia there is less discomfort as the gentle flow of water helps to preserve the surrounding connective tissues during the removal of the fat cells. Therefore, the surrounding tissue is preserved during the procedure which helps to reduce bruising and swelling while promoting faster healing. An added benefit of this procedure is that immediately afterward patients can resume normal activities. The procedure is not an alternative to weight loss but an effective way to target areas of fat that are distracting or unsightly. Body jet liposuction is a gentle, quick, and more precise surgery that offers prompt results.

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