Signs that your teeth need a periodontist

Taking care of your dental health is also as important as taking care of your overall health. Having teeth problem not only takes away your beautiful amazing smile but can also lead to several diseases. That is the main reason you should have your oral checkup at least twice a year. Although, many people don’t go for regular checkups. For those people, we have gathered some of the signs that your teeth are infected and you need to visit Periodontist.

Pain or Bleeding

This is the first sign that you need to see a periodontist. Bleeding while brushing is mainly caused if there are bacteria around your teeth. It also causes pain while chewing. This means you may be infected by the Gum Diseases.


Although, this might not be considered as a sign. Many people when they have injured teeth often neglect it and think it will heal itself. This should not be done. Instead, you surely should go for a checkup if your single teeth.

Red, swollen or Bleeding Gums

If you see any of these signs like red or swollen gums. Some of them even see bleeding gum. It is a sure sign that you need to see the Periodontist.

Twice a Year

Not necessarily a periodontist but you should see a dentist at least twice a year. All the dentist, as well as the periodontist, suggests that you should see the periodontist or dentist for an oral checkup. The oral problems will cause you pain as well you won’t be able to smile naturally.

Lose or Sensitive Teeth

If you feel the change in your chewing or in your bite, it might be an infection in Gums. You may also feel lose teeth with your jaw. It includes sensitive teeth sometimes.

Dentist or Periodontist

You might wonder if seeing a periodontist is necessary for all of these? Well, the answer is no. You’ll most often want to see a periodontist for complex oral problems and gum diseases. If you do not face any of the above issues, it is not at all necessary that you should visit only a periodontist. Instead, you can visit a dentist or a family dentist. If they find the case more complex, they might themselves refer you to the periodontist.

Along with this, if you only see any one of these symptoms in less than the normal amount. In such a case, you can go to a dentist for a checkup. Alternatively, not recommended but you can also take care of that disease at your home. This includes performing all the home remedies like eating foods which are good for the teeth and applying the natural things on your teeth.

To summarize, you should not think twice to visit a dentist or even a periodontist. You can get the treatment in a single visit. For other people, who do not have any of these symptoms. Brush twice a day, visit your dentist twice a year, and take proper care of your oral health by eating food full of nutrients.

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