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One of the services provided by our clinic is the treatment of pulpitis. During the treatment of pulpitis, heliocomposites and light-composites are used. They are composite materials of light curing. These companies are leaders in the field of manufacturing various materials for dentistry.

The Use of the Technologies

Using these technologies allows you to simply treat your teeth, and in fact restore them. After all, both the physical and chemical indices of materials used to treat pulpitis are not far from the properties of real healthy teeth.

Thus, not only the functionality of the teeth is restored, but also their original appearance. Earlier in the treatment of pulpitis, it was almost impossible to achieve this result, and the patient’s smile was no longer the same as before. Today, this remains in the past, and as a result of pulpitis treatment the patient will be satisfied with the aesthetic side of the result.

The Techniques

In our dental clinic, various techniques are used to restore the teeth. For example, if your tooth is too damaged, the destruction has gone too far, then after the treatment of pulpitis or periodontitis, the tooth should be sealed. But it is necessary first to strengthen it to reduce the load on the remaining parts of the tooth.

Strengthening the tooth is done with the help of pins, which are made of metal, as well as carbon. Thanks to this approach, the patient gets the opportunity to save the tissue teeth that the dentist is treating. And also do not harm neighboring teeth that do not require the treatment of pulpitis. In the case, for example, with tooth replacement with crowns, such a result is difficult to achieve. Also, veneers are often used for the restoration of anterior teeth. This helps to improve their appearance. You can count on Jason Stoner on that work now.

The Call of the Dentists

Dentists call gnashing of teeth (or squeak teeth) with bruxism. This is a fairly common disease – in adults it occurs in 15% of cases, and in children, especially small ones, one in three is affected. There is a popular belief that those who suffer from worms creak with their teeth in a dream – but this is completely wrong. However, experts find it difficult to determine the reasons for which bruxism occurs.

Some believe that the grinding of teeth is the result of a disturbance in the regulation of sleep, and put bruxism in line with night enuresis, nightmares, somnambulism and snoring. Others note that scratches with teeth are associated with malocclusion anomalies, and as evidence of this theory mention a hereditary predisposition to it. Still others associate scratching with teeth with a predisposition to stress, tension to anxiety, and so on. However, it should be noted that periodic short-term bouts of bruxism can also be for quite healthy people.


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