What are the Right Tools for Orthodontic Treatment?

Have you attended orthodontic training? Do you have the skills required to start your orthodontic clinic? Most orthodontists in the US are dentists with orthodontic skills. To practice as an orthodontist, there are several tools you need to have. Here are some of the orthodontic supplies you need to offer this type of treatment.

Occlusal photo retractor

This device is important as it retracts the lips when taking maxillary and mandibular shots. These retractors are double-sided; one side fits adults while the other side is meant for children.

Intra-oral mirrors

These are special mirrors used by orthodontists to have a clear view of teeth. There are 3 types of intra-oral mirrors; side view, pedo and adult. When shopping for this type of mirror, consider purchasing non-fog mirrors as they deliver sharp, clear and focused images.

Impression tray

A professional orthodontist should purchase a whole set of impression trays. These trays are available in different sizes. A complete set consists of impression trays for both adults and children. You also need to consider the material used to make the trays as they vary in quality.

Lateral cheek retractors

These retractors are also used when taking photos. Instead of using a mirror, you use these retractors to have good visual access when taking lateral shots.


Tray adhesive

If you want retention of the alginate in a tray, use tray adhesive.

Digital camera

Invest in a quality digital camera. You need a good camera to extra-oral photos and intra-oral photos for your patient’s orthodontic records. Avoid using your phone to take such photos. Although phones can take clear pictures, it is always recommended that you use a digital camera.

Orthodontic diagnostic software

To undertake any procedure, always have a plan and schedule. Have a way you can keep records, the analysis and patient schedule. Although you can keep records on paper, there are modern ways to keep your records easily and safely. You can consider installing orthodontic diagnostic software, a cloud-based program that you can keep and retrieve records with ease.

Patient education materials

Have some educational materials that you can provide to your patients. These materials can be a guide to the orthodontic treatment. You can also share information about the treatment safety procedures and your commitment to safe orthodontic treatment. You can make these materials available in brochures or your website.

These are the main supplies you need for orthodontic cases. There are thousands of dentists advertising these treatment services. However, patients are interested in whether you have the right tools for successful treatment. Make sure that you have equipped your clinic with the latest supplies. The best way is to buy your supplies from a reliable and approved orthodontic supplier.

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