Considering online fluoroscopy training courses

A fluoroscopy is an important tool for diagnosing and treating diseases. But the application has some detrimental effects on both the patients and operators. Studies show that frequent application can increase the risks associated with cancer, skin burns, and loss of hair. Thus, it becomes vital to train the physician and other personnel using fluoroscopic equipment. A fluoroscopy training course is more important for practitioners who didn’t have any formal training in it during their medical education and are utilizing fluoroscopy devices frequently.

The emerging popularity of online training courses

One of the highlighting features of the courses is that they can be enrolled and completed online as well. The fluoroscopy courses are designed in a way that they cater to the particular training needs and requirements of physicians, and operators who use the equipment and procedures regularly. The training courses are developed and designed by board-certified imaging physicists.

In addition, one can choose from 2-hour, 4-hour, and advanced 10-hour sessions and learn about the safe usage and application of fluoroscopy for diagnosing and treating different diseases. Online fluoroscopy training has emerged in popularity since it offers flexibility and convenience to the medical staff with hectic routines. Training sessions help to achieve the optimized use of techniques and methods of using fluoroscopy and getting better images. Additionally, it also helps in optimal patient and staff protection, right dosage, maintaining safety culture, and without any severe side effects.

Key three courses for fluoroscopy training

When one enrolls in an online fluoroscopy training course, he/she encounters three different sessions, including 2-hour, 4-hour, and 10-hour courses.

2-hour course

The 2-hour course includes the correct process of x-ray production, functions, and advantages of using modern fluoroscopy, distinction and comparison of modern fluoroscopy imaging with conventional radiography images, and so on.

4-hour course

Some of the aspects trained in the 4-hour fluoroscopy training course are:

  • Evaluating the X-ray production
  • The contributing factors of x-ray energy and intense characteristics
  • The effects of filtration on the images
  • The dose to the patients

On completing the 4-hour training course, one can earn a 5.5 Category A ASRT CEC certificate

10-hour course

This is an all-embracing training that also features the training content from 2-hour and 4-hour courses. It teaches the candidates about the minute details of x-ray production, the fluoroscopy system, patient protection, staff and operator protection, regulations, and policies featuring radiation safety measures.

How do candidates train?

The online training course is designed in module-style, where the candidates have to complete all the chapters. Before the next module is available online, the candidates need to complete each chapter given in the module. The participants have to take a quiz-style test at the end of each chapter. For successful completion, one has to secure a minimum of 80% and more.

Furthermore, it is vital to complete the course assessment at the end of every module so that one receives continuing education credits. On successful completion, one will be rewarded with a digital certificate of the online fluoroscopy training course.


For high-quality patient care, and safety, along with the safety of the staff, it is necessary to understand and have an idea about the procedures used in fluoroscopy equipment. With interventional fluoroscopy, multiple reports associated with skin injuries have been witnessed. This makes it compelling to encourage fluoroscopy operators and medical staff to under an online fluoroscopy training course.

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