Is Drug and Alcohol Testing Worth it?

DOT alcohol testing is vital for especially for those in the trucking business. Are you are an independent operator, or do you manage a trucking company? Whatever it is, you must adhere to the Department of Transportation drug and alcohol testing guidelines.  Only then can your safety and that of your drivers be guaranteed.

Though DOT tests tend to be annoying, they help to keep your trucking business in check. This article covers the primary benefits of Drug and Alcohol Tests.

They enhance Road Safety

Hitting the road under alcohol influence may lead to road accidents. That’s because alcohol and drugs alter the mind, causing an individual to think irrationally. Driving calls for attention since there are several other drivers on the road and pedestrians. The primary goal of DOT alcohol testing is to enhance road safety for regular drivers and truck drivers. Truckers are aware that failing drug tests subjects them to job loss. As a result, they avoid drinking or doing drugs while driving.

Maintain your Trucking Business Reputation

The motor industry has advanced, and more trucking businesses are on the rise. To survive the stiff competition, you must be running a reputable company.  To build your reputation, you’ll have to adhere to regular drug and alcohol tests for drivers.  Your prospective clients and the existing ones can only take you seriously if they realize that you’ve enrolled in the DOT alcohol testing program.

Your business will be taken seriously if you prove to be serious yourself. Ensure that you are complying with all government driving regulations and offer top-notch services. That’s the only way you’ll earn your client’s trust.

Identify Addicts of Drugs and Alcohol

Since you do not follow your workers everywhere, you can never tell what’s happening in their private life. Therefore, it is essential to subject your workers to DOT alcohol and drug testing to be sure. If any of them fails the test, you can relieve them of sensitive tasks. Aside from that, you can replace them if the situation is too bad. Better still, you can invite a substance abuse counselor to help get them back on track.

DOT requirements are indeed a hassle. However, there are worth every effort as it helps maintain road safety, prove your seriousness to your customers, and identify workers struggling with abuse issues.

Who is Eligible for DOT Alcohol Testing?

Do you run a business in the transportation department? If so, you are the right person to seek DOT-compliant testing programs. Driver drug and alcohol testing programs involve the following;

  • Providing a drug-free workplace policy
  • Collecting drivers specimen and carrying out a drug and alcohol test
  • Providing verifies test results carried out by a medical review officer (MRO)
  • Providing necessary training on drug and alcohol testing

With DOT, safety is the primary goal. That’s why encourage workers of DOT-compliant companies to remain 100% alcohol and drug-free.

Finally, considering DOT alcohol testing’s importance, look for a DOT-compliant drug and alcohol testing service provider.


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