Top-Notch Ideas for Engagement Announcements

Are you there figuring out how to shout out your engagement to your loved ones and the entire world? Here comes Mixbook, where you can perfect your announcement depending on your style. Once you are set, you can officially share the great news by mailing, texting, or preparing and sending engagement announcements to your family and friends. Additionally, you can go the digital way and post online, although this should come last. Also, you can consider being inspired by the following interesting ideas when revealing your engagement.

Spell Out

Rather than focusing on the finger with the engagement ring, it would be unique and fun to announce in the form of art. The use of scrabble letters indicates how you feel at the moment. Also, seeing you holding your hands while embracing the ring and letters altogether spells out the kind of excitement you’re experiencing and moves the audience’s hearts.

Custom Clothing

This is one of the most embraced ways used nowadays to communicate. You can have your t-shirts printed, whether in front or back, to announce your engagement. This will help broadcast the news as you showcase your engagement through clothing as you pose near each other to deliver the message.

Highlight Exploring Outdoors

If you love adventure, this is the best way to announce it by having a caption doing what you love. Being out enjoying the scenic beauty makes your love shine and glow more than before. If you find it more enjoyable having nature walks or hiking together, make sure you capture this and post it on your social media accompanied with sweet words to show you’re engaged.

Include Balloons

Balloons were referred to as traditional accessories that were used for celebrations during special occasions. You can choose to involve balloons during your announcement where you spell out the year of your wedding. Now that everything is digital, you can opt to surprise your best friend(s) on a zoom call by featuring the balloons in the back.

Have the Actual Proposal Captured

Photo from the actual proposal is the most reliable way of announcing the great news of the engagement. If you have a photo op, use it to break the news to whom you wish to know after this, be aware of the explanation on the unfolding of the surprise.

Have a Landmark

If the place where you two fell in love has a history, ensure you take a picture capturing the nearest landmark for your reasons and memory. Including a photo while holding hands or any other intimate pose reminds you and everyone involved where you began. It also shows how excited and happy you are for the next chapter of life. Landmarks can act as a point of future reference for your love life.

Dinner Party

It will be more memorable when you invite your friends to a dinner party where you may break the news. The celebration and popping of champagne will make it more colorful and fun so you’ll never forget it.

With these tips, you are good to go. But, if you want to make an attractive and cherished announcement, style up with Mixbook to enjoy the incredible look of your announcements.

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