5 Skin Issues That a Dermatologist Should Treat


Although you might be tempted to treat different skin conditions at home, you might not address the skin problems’ root cause. Additionally, without knowing the reason for your skin issues the home remedies you try could irritate your skin further and cause serious health problems; moreover, it might make your skin appear unattractive, lowering your self-esteem. Finding skin treatments begins by finding experts such as those at Manhattan Dermatology, who handle almost all skin issues. Since most skin issues need immediate medical attention, you can save a lot of discomfort and time when creating a timely treatment program. Skin cancer, acne, skin abscesses, cysts, flare-ups, and allergic reactions might need immediate medical attention.

Skin Cancer

It is difficult to know if you have skin cancer unless you decide to get a skin biopsy at your doctor’s office. One sign of skin cancer is when you have moles that change shape and color. If that is the case, your first priority is to see a dermatologist. Self-examination for skin cancer can help deal with the condition as it might be slow to show its symptoms, and without proper treatment, it can spread to other body organs, causing severe health problems.


Although you can use over-the-counter treatment for acne effectively, if they form small cysts, they become hard to manage and require medical attention. Additionally, when you see a doctor you will know the real cause of acne, whether it is bacterial, hormones, or stress-related. When you know what causes your acne, it becomes easier to care for your skin. The dermatologist will deal with blackheads, whiteheads, papules, and pustules that arise from cystic acne.

Allergic Reactions

You might get an allergic reaction from bug bites, but if the allergic reaction results from poison ivy, sumac, and oak, it could lead to serious health complications. A dermatologist will reduce the effects of the severe allergic reaction and make you feel better quickly. Skin allergic reactions will be manifested by itching, redness and discoloration, rashes, inflammation, and bumps.

Skin Flare-Ups

Most skin flare-ups are associated with stress and hormonal imbalance. Although the flare-ups might not cause serious issues, they can make you feel uncomfortable. Eczema, psoriasis, and rosacea might result from stress, and they need medical attention during uncontrolled flare-ups.


Cysts are caused by staph bacterial infection on the skin, and although they might be harmless, they are cosmetically unappealing. When you decide to do at-home treatment for boils, you should think about the risk of severe staph of infection. Moreover, some painless cysts, unlike boils, can still form open wounds when treated at home, leading to complications and risk of infection. Although you might not feel the cysts as they are painless and blend with the surrounding skin, they have a different texture to the rest of the skin when you press them.

The Bottom Line

Although you can decide to care for skin at home at first, seeing a dermatologist frequently helps treat skin conditions that could be threatening to your health . You are likely to let some skin problems like cysts, moles, and benign heal independently; unfortunately, they might progress into severe conditions such as skin cancer and flare-ups.

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