Can The Gear You Choose Affect Your Fitness Goals?

The phrase “dress for success” doesn’t only apply in the corporate world. It rings true even in the exercise and sports domain. What you choose to wear as you work out or play sports can influence your performance in both the pitch and the gym.

Why should it matter what you wear to the gym? If you’re going to get hot and sweaty, then you might as well throw on a worn out t-shirt and gym shorts that have seen better days, right?


Donning the correct attire can drastically improve your performance. Here are our top 4 reasons why you should always pick the right clothing for your workouts:

The Right Sports Gear Improves Performance

Sports or exercise that requires sudden, complex movements needs participants to invest in the right gear, not only to improve performance but to prevent injury as well.

For example, men often pick any pair of shorts lying around and use them as swimming trunks. Unfortunately, the pockets on these shorts create drag that slows you down considerably.

Decent swim attire makes a world of difference.

Similarly, pick a breathable t-shirt that wicks moisture away for your morning run, reducing heat and discomfort thus allowing you to work out for longer.

Clothing isn’t the only thing you need to pick wisely. Running shoes would be unsuitable for use on a football field, for instance, because they lack the traction, lateral stability and flexibility required for explosive movements needed in football.

“Picking the best fastpitch softball bat, for instance, is a personal choice that’s dependent on many factors,” writes Andrew from Thebatnerds. “Factors such as length and swing weight can significantly affect the performance of a player stepping up to the plate, unlike other trivial factors such as color and graphics.”

“Younger kids need more guidance regarding the right bat to choose. For this reason, ensure that your child gets the best youth baseball bat for their size, strength, and skill level to aid good performance and prevent injury,” says Andrew.

The Right Gear Boosts Confidence

Enclothed cognition,’ is a term that was coined by researchers at Northwestern University. They found out that the clothing we wear affects how we feel as well as our behavior. Results showed that wearing the right clothes at work had a positive impact, and this extends to performance levels in sports and fitness as well.

The boost correlates to a confidence boost – If you know you look great, then you will act it too. If you don the correct attire, the chances are that you will want to get out on the field more.

I recently bought my son some brand new baseball cleats, a new BBCOR baseball bat and pitching machine from this site for his Saturday morning practice and immediately noticed a significant change in his game. When he stepped out on to the plate on game day, he swung at pitches with venom and hit several homers.

It is evident that when you have the right gear, you feel more confident. This extra confidence then translates into a better overall performance.

The Right Gear Protects & Prevents Injuries

Using the wrong equipment, or old or ill-fitting equipment can cause severe injuries while out on the field.

As a pitcher, you might want to use baseball gloves to protect your hands from developing calluses, or worse, broken fingers.

Similarly, running shoes or cleats that don’t fit correctly are uncomfortable, cause blisters, or slipping that slows you down — the right sports shoes cushion feet from the high intensity of running, sudden turns, and jumping.

Remember to check the midsole often for signs of damage, and replace them if they are damaged to get adequate protection.

The Right Gear Can Aid in Recovery After a Workout

In 2013, a study was carried out in Germany to evaluate the correlation between wearing compression clothing and quick recovery.

The study found that compression clothing applies direct pressure to player muscles which in turn lessens soreness and inflammation – particularly after a match. Because of this, a player’s muscles are less sore, less stiff, and helped athletes bodies heal faster.

Here’s the logic behind it: By wearing compression clothing, circulation is stimulated through graduated compression. The resulting massaging effect stimulates blood flow, and as a result, the improved blood flow gets rid of the lactic acid produced in the muscles during a workout.

If you haven’t tried compression clothing yet, give it a shot.


The gear you choose could be the difference between a regular or bad performance and an extraordinary one.

Remember though, that you needn’t break the bank to buy the right gear. There are numerous review websites online that will help you make the right choice quickly so that you can focus on your game.

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