Pole Dance Fitness: Artistic sports and health

The first thing that comes to the mind of many when they try to explain the Pole Dance is that it came out of the nightclubs. But this revolutionary exercise took over the gym and fitness competitions. Behind his routines there is a very interesting and ancient story.

Some women relate it to sensuality, but we must be clear. The Pole Dance reigned for a long time as a symbol of eroticism. Today it is seen in different ways, because everyone is free to give the connotation that they want to their practice. Even in the great competitions, sensual connotations can be noticed in the choreographies, although most performers choose to focus on contemporary or more athletic dance.

In the studios and academies you can always find classes of brass pole fitness, Pole Choreography, Pole Fitness, Pole Acrobatic, etc. The great and true difference is that between sensuality and sexuality and between eroticism and vulgarity. There will always be the Sensual Pole but now we also have the Sports Artistic Pole oriented to dance, to acrobatics and force movements. It is a discipline comparable to rhythmic gymnastics and figure skating and is considered one of the aerial arts such as hoops and fabrics.

Physical benefits

The Pole Dance is a very complete exercise, in a well-structured session it manages to work all the muscular chains; the “core” (center of the body), the arms, shoulders and back are the protagonists. We work on strengthening, resistance and flexibility.

This discipline helps eliminate toxins, increases cardiac, pulmonary capacity and blood circulation. It is optimal for weight loss because it stimulates metabolism and calorie burning, promotes the production of endorphins, is effective in reducing stress and depression, develops flexibility, increases muscle strength and toning and achieves greater coordination. In addition, it makes us more aware to develop good eating and social habits in search of a better “performance” in the practices, have fun, make community, strengthen your self-esteem … One advantage is that you do not need to know how to dance and age does not matter.

Sport and art

The Pole is a sport discipline and at the same time artistic. Both parts guide us to the correction of the posture both for aesthetics and for avoiding injuries, it also makes us aware of the elegance of the movements. When we see what we are able to achieve during the practices and when we become aware of our strength and the ability to achieve spectacular movements and poses, we begin to see ourselves with different eyes, we become our own heroes. When you enter confidence with your classmates you will laugh at yourself and learn to excel in a fun and harmonious way. This greatly influences security and self-confidence, which makes us understand the power to achieve whatever we set out to do.

Tips for beginners

Choose your academy very well, look up references and experiences of other students or check the networks. Make sure coaches are trained, always arrive early to their classes, do not use body creams the day of training and take a shower before; Always carry your personal towel and bottle of water. Do not despair about achieving everything quickly, usually every routine takes time. Listen to your coach’s instructions and take your practices by levels that will protect you from injuries. The Pole is a challenging and fun road, it is not a goal. Whatever your goal when you enter Pole classes, the main one will always be to enjoy what you do, the weight will never be a bigger obstacle than your own mind. If you want, you can!

In the middle age

The Pole Dance Fitness is a sport of life and for life. There is a whole community of women over 50 and 60 who practice it and the Dominican Republic has those members too. The Pole is to some extent a low impact exercise for the body, unless it leads to a professional or elite category. For women over 50 is an opportunity to set goals and achieve them in a fun way and with many benefits for body and mind. It is true that at these ages you can see the common arthritis disorders and other conditions, but if you attend a center with trained instructors who can give you exercise options for each condition, it will be a success. Exercise and physical activity instead of bringing pain or wear to the body, will always be positive, taking into account that it is done in a conscious way. If you’re over 50 and want to do it, try it at your own pace, you’ll get muscle strengthening and flexibility, you’ll release toxins, you’ll feel more energetic in your other day-to-day activities; It will de-stress and you will realize that age is not a matter of numbers but how you feel.

Nutrition and hydration

Nutrition is the protagonist in the search for our health and well-being. Do not practice any exercise without balanced nutrition. When you practice Pole you will feel that you need more energy, in addition to that the muscles will require more attention for your recovery and avoid the “pain” after exercise. The consumption of proteins in meals and supplements with special shakes will help you in the process. It is always good to define an objective. For example, if you want to reduce, maintain or define muscles, you must combine the practices with food and supplementation in a healthy and judicious way. Tell your instructor your goals and insurance can assist you. Like any other sports discipline, during training you should stay hydrated, always take your thermos to class.


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