Couples Rehab Programs and Theraphy Options

Couples rehab can help addicted partners achieve sobriety. Codependency is a problem that partners with addictions often face. There’s the potential for physical and verbal abuse and financial burdens in the relationship. Those suffering from substance abuse can get the help they need from treatment facilities by attending therapy, counseling and couples sober living. Treatment centers provide different kinds of therapy for couples.

Individual Therapy

Co-addicted couples may attend separate programs and stay in separate facilities. This is done when attending rehab together is not an option such as when one partner has an underlying problem that needs to be addressed. Individual therapy is also done if there are volatile domestic problems caused by substance abuse or there have been past failed attempts at achieving sobriety. Each partner would attend a drug treatment program tailored to their needs. The couple can engage in couples therapy and recovery counseling once things have stabilized.

Behavioral Couples Therapy (BCT)

Partners can have negative and positive influences on each other’s addiction. Feelings of protectiveness or fear of losing a partner can lead to the enabling of substance abuse. In Behavioral Couples Therapy, couples are trained to support each other and reward their abstinence and decision making. Couples are required to make recovery contracts that state their commitment to sobriety and support to each other’s recovery. Behavioral Couples Therapy also determines and heals rifts in the relationship caused by the addiction.

Family Therapy

Addicted couples need to receive support from their loved ones. Families can’t give this support if they don’t understand what addiction is really all about. Rehab centers may encourage families to attend therapy sessions with the couple. This will allow them to learn more about addiction and communicate with their loved ones better. They will also learn to work through the rifts and ordeal caused by the addiction. Families can work together with the couple to deal with the underlying issues that contributed to the addiction.

Why Go to Couples Rehab

Couples with substance abuse issues are often dependent on each other. They may form their relationship primarily by mutual addiction, or their addiction problems may develop later on. Sharing a bad habit makes it hard for either party to achieve sobriety. The influence and presence of another addict may cause a relapse.

The only way for the addicted couple to get sober is to seek treatment together. Even if only one partner is addicted, the other partner can still benefit from going to couples rehab. They will learn what triggers the other partner’s addiction and help them avoid it. This way, they can provide the proper support that the addicted partner needs to prevent relapse and maintain a sober life.

Addicted couples are given the direction, skills, education and hope they need to enjoy the successful long-term recovery. Couples rehab centers help couples heal from the damage caused by addiction and manage the challenges and difficult transition associated with the recovery process. Attending an aftercare program after completing the treatment process is advised as it can help the couple enjoy a healthier and happier relationship.

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