Why Are Pay-As-You Go Gyms Becoming So Popular?


It’s inevitable: when the weather starts to warm up, the time is going to come when we decide to hit the gym in order to get that summer beach body ready. But let’s face it, those pesky gym membership contracts can be extremely expensive. Not only are they pricy but many have been proven to be a headache to get out of. Research shows that if you’re thinking about joining a traditional contract gym, you can expect to pay more than fifty dollars a month, on average, but this can vary largely due to the location of the gym and the gym itself. Popular gyms in high volume areas can easily get more expensive.

A much more reasonably priced option that offers the same amenities as your traditional contract gym is a pay-as-you-go gym. These types of gyms are often much more affordable because clients have control over their membership. They can cancel at any time, free of stipulations, or pay the fees it costs to workout on a per visit basis when they decide to go to the gym. You are not expected to pay year-round fees– because you may not actually go year round. This is great for those who only work out when it’s time to turn that flabby winter cocoa body into a svelte summer beach body. According to TechCrunch, pay-as-you-go gyms create direct incentive for modernization as well. There are gyms being developed that give customers the option to be able to pay for the amount of time they workout on a given machine.


As previously mentioned, pay-as-you-go gyms offer the same amenities as other traditional contract gyms. The largest pay-as-you-go gym in Toronto is Striation 6. This gym has a team of personal trainers all with experience and expertise in training to ensure that their clients are getting the most out of their workouts. Like many other pay-as-you-go gyms, their team is dedicated to giving customers an enjoyable, memorable experience that regularly yields excellent results. They offer a variety of classes that cater to all types of customers. They also offer muscle activation techniques, martial arts training, massage, yoga sessions, and nutritional coaching. One of the most interesting features is their unique Isophit exercise, which is said to be an “innovative, meticulously researched and carefully developed exercise system that quickly and ingeniously works more than 650 muscles.”This is something a lot of traditional gyms do not offer. Going to a gym like this can be extremely beneficial for your health (and enjoyment!).Additionally, it is much cheaper than a traditional gym.

Pay-as-you-go gyms are expected to soon take the place of traditional contract gyms because they are more reasonable and don’t seem like a trap. While they certainly face an uphill battle to dismantle the traditional gym contract-model, they are slowly but surely earning the trust of their clients. Instead of being forceful in their sales methods and trapping customers in predatory contracts, they are just as focused on your financial health as your physical health.

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