5 Reasons to Switch to Organic Beauty

“Organic skincare,” “natural beauty,” and “going green” have all become buzzwords as of late. You’ve probably heard these phrases a lot, or maybe you even have a friend or know someone who has decided to “go organic” and has tried to convince you to do the same. Perhaps you are seriously considering it yourself. Why should you switch to natural and organic beauty? Here are a few great reasons:


Organic Beauty is Healthier for Your Skin

Organic skincare and beauty products contain only natural ingredients such as botanical extracts and plant oils. These ingredients are incredibly nourishing on your skin, and they help to strengthen and build up your skin so it can function at its best. Organic beauty brands like Well Within Beauty often also encourage a healthy lifestyle as a way to improve your skin.

Well Within Beauty offers a complete range of skincare essentials as well as supplements for healthy skin. All of these are focused on boosting your skin’s natural healing and renewing abilities, instead of disrupting it. Healthy skin does an impressive job of protecting and renewing itself, and the best way to have healthy skin is to nourish and pamper it with natural products that won’t stress or overwhelm it.


Organic Beauty is Safer

Many of the popular beauty and skincare products that are readily available in any drugstore or supermarket contain cheap synthetic ingredients that allow manufacturers to produce them in bulk and that guarantee a longer shelf life. These ingredients aren’t necessarily good for your skin, and some are downright potentially harmful.


Popular, inexpensive ingredients like parabens and sulfates have been linked to health issues such as skin irritation, hormone disruption, and even cancer. While there is still not enough information to conclude beyond a shadow of a doubt that those ingredients are the direct cause of these health issues, it’s generally much better to be safe than sorry. Don’t take risks when it comes to you and your family’s health; switch to beauty products that contain few to no synthetic and potentially toxic ingredients today.


Organic Beauty Feels Better

Since organic beauty products contain botanical and plant extracts, they often naturally smell fantastic.  Natural beauty products also often feel very soothing and calming on your skin, especially those that contain soft, silky plant oils like sunflower oil. Doing your skincare routine becomes a relaxing and enjoyable pampering experience instead of a burdensome chore.


Organic Beauty is Better for the Environment

Organic beauty makes less use of toxic chemicals and ingredients that can harm the environment, if they contain any at all. But one of the biggest reasons why organic beauty is good for the environment is that it relies on sustainable farming. Sustainable farming has less of an environmental impact than traditional farming because it avoids pesticides and toxins, and makes use of less fossil fuel based inputs.

Organic beauty is also often cruelty free and against animal testing, so you can rest assured that no furry friends and creatures were harmed in the making of your moisturizer or facial serum.


Organic Beauty Gives You More Bang for Your Buck

Lastly, one of the best reasons to switch to organic beauty is that it gives you more value for your money. Wouldn’t you rather spend your money on high quality products that effectively nourish your skin inside and out than on cheap, poorly made products that only keep you on the cycle of disrupting and irritating your skin?

The benefits of switching to organic beauty and skincare are numerous, and their effects can last a long time so you can enjoy healthy, beautiful skin for the rest of your life if you make the switch today.


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