An Overview on Scaling and Root Planing

Periodontal disease is a leading cause of tooth loss in America. Scaling and root planing is necessary for dental cleaning. It involves removing plaque and buildup of tartar from the surface of your teeth and the bottom of your gums. At SEDA Dental, your Boca Raton periodontist will professionally perform this safe procedure to improve your oral health.

For scaling and root planing, you will pay a couple of visits to your dentist. A local anesthetic is used during the process. This is necessary if you have receding gums.

Who is eligible for scaling and root planing?     

If you show signs and symptoms of chronic gum disease, the specialists at SEDA Dental will recommend scaling and root planing. This comprehensive and effective procedure prevents further complications caused by periodontal disease. Scaling and root planing also help to keep your mouth healthy.

In some cases, you may have chronic periodontal disease where your gums pull away from your teeth. As time goes by, large spaces are formed between the teeth and gums. The spaces provide room for bacteria to grow and multiply. When this goes on without medical attention, you get high chances of having:

  • Tissue loss
  • Bone loss
  • Tooth loss
  • Loose teeth

Anyone can be affected by periodontal disease. However, others are at a higher risk of getting it. They include people who are obese, have poor dental hygiene, and use tobacco.

Scaling and root planing procedure

At SEDA Dental, the procedure of scaling and root planing is conducted in a safe space. Your dentist will make sure that the area is numb. Your teeth will be scaled using a blunt object by scraping off the plaque and tartar on the teeth surface and between the gums. When all the buildup has been removed, your dentist will use a scaler to make the roots of your tooth smooth. This procedure attaches your teeth to the gums.

Other times, your dentist will ask you to use an antimicrobial mouthwash and antibiotics, which will aid in your body’s healing process. The prescription of the medicine depends on how severe your gum disease is.

Recovery after scaling and root planing

After the scaling and root planing procedure, your dentist will send you home with post-recovery guidelines to help speed up the healing process and reduce irritation.

Care instructions

  • Avoid the use of any tobacco products after the procedure for at least 72 hours
  • Do not consume alcoholic beverages
  • Brush the treated area lightly
  • Use warm water with salt to rinse your mouth three times a day
  • Take antibiotics if prescribed for the given length of time even after signs and symptoms are over

Your gums will be less swollen and the bleeding will subside a few days after your treatment. These signs indicate recovery. When needed, your dentist will ask you to pay another visit for a regular checkup.

Reserve a date today at SEDA Dental to improve and maintain your dental hygiene with tooth scaling and root planing.

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