FDA Warns Curaleaf for Illicit Advertising of Untested CBD Products

The Food & Drug Administration (FDA) recently sent a warning notice to Curaleaf for the illicit trade of unwarranted CBD-based products.

The Massachusetts-based company has been advertising and selling cannabidiol products through online platforms. According to the FDA, Curaleaf Inc. claims its products cure Alzheimer’s disease, cancers, anxiety, and pain, as well as other diseases.

The FDA, through its Acting Commissioner, Ned Sharpless said that health remains a top concern even as cannabis-based products flock the market. Sharpless also warned that dealing in untested products with unproven medicinal claims endanger the lives of patients by making them ignore doctor’s prescriptions.

The action against Curaleaf Inc. is proof the FDA is keen on supervising the market and taking care of public health.

“Action will be taken against companies who mislead customers to buy such untested products,” Sharpless said.

In response to the increasing popularity of CBD products, the FDA has taken a teamwork approach to regulating CBD products under its authority. As we speak, the bureau has set up an investigative team to dig into the potential loopholes through which different CBD products could enter the market and reach customers.

The team also seeks to gather the info to address the pending queries linked to the safety of cannabidiol products and come up with effective laws— for the marketing and sales of CPD products without compromising on the well-being of the public.

In May, the FDA hosted a public event where officers went through lots of written reviews to collect scientific data and info on the safety, production, authenticity, advertising, labeling and the sale of CBD-based products.

The warning notice written to Curaleaf accused the firm of using its website pages, ecommerce store, and social platforms to make groundless statements about several cannabidiol products.

According to the warning notice, Curaleaf has up to 15 office days to state how it will correct the violation or suffer a lawsuit which could include seizure of the CBD products.

The Food and Drug Administration continues to express concerns about the increase of CBD-containing products that are advertised as medicinal but haven’t been tested by the Agency. FDA’s certification procedure makes sure that all drugs sold to the public are safe and effective for medicinal use.

Final Words

This is not the first time the FDA is sending a warning notice to a company for illicit advertisement and sale of untested CBD-containing products.

Businesses in the sector must now abide by the rules or face legal action as warned by the FDA.

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