Prefabricated Healthcare and Nursing Pods

Healthcare facilities must be able to constantly adapt to changing patient needs in order to maintain the high level of care offered. The recent pandemic has put a lot of strain on hospitals and medical facilities throughout the country but, even outside of crises like this, there are many variables that create a need for more treatment spaces. As the average age of the population increases and new health challenges present themselves, medical facilities of all kinds must be adaptable.

Modular healthcare pods are the perfect solution to this problem. They are manufactured off site to the required specification and delivered prefabricated, so they can be assembled and installed in no time. They come ready-fitted with air filtration systems, plumbing, and plug-and-play equipment. Easyclean surfaces make maintenance and hygiene simple too. Any healthcare facility that needs to add more usable treatment space in a very short amount of time will benefit from modular healthcare pods. There are a number of different varieties available.

Healthcare and Nursing Pods

Lack of bed space has been one of the greatest challenges of the COVID-19 pandemic and healthcare and nursing pods offer an efficient solution to help medical facilities cope with demand. These simple treatment spaces, fitted with everything that a standard hospital bed area needs, can be used to adapt existing medical facilities or create brand new ones in other spaces.

They allow medical facilities to turn admin spaces into overflow areas or convert lower acuity units to high acuity units with ease, all while maintaining the highest standards in cleanliness and infection prevention. They can also be installed in non-medical spaces like gymnasiums, for example, to create emergency hospitals.

The modular nature of these healthcare and nursing pods means that you have complete flexibility. So, whether you need one or two pods to adapt an existing medical facility or you need 500 to create an emergency treatment centre, this is easily achievable with minimal downtime. This is hugely beneficial right now when trying to ease the strain of the COVID pandemic, but it is equally important for tackling future healthcare challenges.

Isolation Pods

Hospitals have been one of the biggest problem areas when trying to contain the spread of COVID-19. Overcrowded facilities with lots of coronavirus patients can easily become a hotbed for infections, even when hygiene standards are upheld. Isolation pods can help to curb the spread of infection by creating segregated areas for patients to be treated.

Isolation pods with full height walls can be installed quickly, providing a separated area for patients. The supply and extraction of air is carefully managed to ensure that airborne pathogens cannot escape.

Full isolation pods consist of three rooms: a lobby, main room and en-suite bathroom. This means that patients can be completely isolated, with no risk of outside infection. All of the surfaces used are resistant to microbial spread and growth and the airflow is monitored to avoid the movement of dust, debris, and moisture. Ease of access into the wall cavity also allows for simple customisation of the isolation pods. This means that new equipment can be added without the need for extensive, disruptive construction work.

Isolation pods are constructed using high-quality, durable materials, so they can provide a long-term solution. However, they are also incredibly simple to deconstruct and move so, as the needs of your healthcare facility change, you can continue using the isolation pods in the areas where they are needed most.

Testing Pods

Testing and vaccinations are the biggest weapons we have in the fight against COVID-19, so it is important that medical facilities can quickly adapt to provide these services. Testing pods are a simple but effective way to create new spaces for testing and administering vaccinations, while also increasing face-to-face contact with patients. Physical separation is maintained at all times to guarantee safety.

The solid pod has sleeves and gloves built into the wall, with an electronic intercom, so patients and medical professionals can easily communicate. This allows for fast testing and vaccinations without the risk of infection. This also minimises the area that needs to be sanitised between patients, further speeding up the process.

However, these testing pods have many applications outside of COVID testing and vaccinations, so they are a worthwhile addition to all medical facilities. They are adaptable spaces that can easily be used to carry out patient examinations with greater privacy, for example.

Modular healthcare pods are an efficient solution for medical facilities that need to adapt to a constantly evolving crisis. Their use is helping to curb the spread of COVID-19 so the country can return to normality as soon as possible.

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