Why Is Breast Cancer Awareness So Important?

There is a variety of reasons as to why breast cancer awareness is so incredibly important. One of the most obvious ones is that it promotes early detection. People becoming more aware of breast cancer can implement this early detection, which can ultimately save a life.

Moreover, breast cancer awareness also helps remove the stigma of the disease. This makes the treatment process a lot easier for the patient diagnosed with breast cancer. Having access to the right information can help make the patient feel more comfortable, as the stigma (in their mind) isn’t there anymore.

Not to mention, having a good awareness of breast cancer allows you to create an effective treatment plan. This awareness can also aid in the cancer patient feeling less stressed. This breast cancer awareness can be effectively promoted through mobile apps.

Why Are Breast Cancer Mobile Apps Good?

Mobile apps that are specifically designed to provide breast cancer-related knowledge can aid in providing information that isn’t ordinarily readily available. What’s even better is that all of these tools and information are easily accessible on your mobile device. The tools incorporated in the device make it easier for the user to organize their new life that’s filled with hospital visits and doctor appointments.

Why Should Breast Cancer Patients, Loved Ones, and Survivors Use A Breast Cancer Mobile App?

Research has been conducted, which shows that using mHealth cancer apps to support breast cancer patients provides a vast amount of advantages. These include:

  • Enhanced knowledge is obtained as these mobile apps provide information that’s not easy to come across over other forms of the internet.
  • Increased physical activity as the right tools are used to help combat the adverse effects of treatment.
  • Decreased anxiety as information is provided, so patients, survivors, and loved ones know what to expect instead of guessing and overthinking (which causes anxiety and increased stress levels).
  • Improved quality of life as skills are provided on how to cope with this new experience. This enhanced quality of life also aids in the bettering of the patient’s emotional well-being and self-confidence.

The Mobile App Bridges the Gap between the Patient and Their Loved Ones

One of the biggest problems a patient faces once they receive their breast cancer diagnosis is that they spiral into a deep, dark, depressive state that leads to terrible isolation. This isolation is mainly the result of the patient feeling alone, as no-one can understand the emotions that they are going through.

However, these breast cancer mobile apps provide loved ones of these patients to educate themselves on the topic of breast cancer. This understanding of information helps the loved one gain some aspect of what the patient is feeling. Thereby, these loved ones can formulate the right approaches to ensure that these patients feel understood and cared for.

Providing this element of empathy helps the patient feel less alone, which helps break down the wall that’s been placed between the patient and the loved one. As a result, the threat of isolation is reduced, while the patient’s overall well-being is improved.

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