5 Ways to Limit Contact When Picking up Prescription Medication

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Did you know that over 131 million people in the United States use prescription medication? That’s a majority of people!

With the year of COVID-19 not taking any breaks, it can be intimidating to try and get your prescription from the pharmacy. How do you acquire that important medicine without putting yourself at risk?

Are there safer ways to get your prescription during the pandemic? The answer is yes.

Here are five easy ways for you to pick up prescription medication that are sure to keep you safer.

  1. Extend Supply

A great way to limit your contact at the pharmacy is to extend your supply. If you get a prescription for 30 days, places like 90daymeds.com can help you get triple your prescription.

This way, you get more medicine and less time physically in the store. You can also ask your pharmacist if it’s possible for your prescription to be extended.

You’ll still need to go get them, but your amount of contact will definitely decrease.

  1. Delivery

Another method to safe prescription medicine pickup is through delivery. Now, there is a chance that you won’t be able to have your prescription delivered, but it’s worth a shot to look into doing.

Something else you can consider is having a friend pick up your prescription for you and dropping it off at your place of residence. If you really don’t want to leave your house and have a buddy that’s willing to help you out, it can be the perfect plan!

  1. Synchronize

Like the method of extending your supply, you can also try to synchronize when you pick up your prescriptions.

If you take more than one or several types of prescribed medicines, see if you can pick all of them up at the same time every month or every few months.

  1. Drive Thru

Utilizing the drive-thru is also a safer way to get your prescription. It’s a simple handoff, just like for fast food.

You won’t even need to leave the comfort of your vehicle! And most pharmacies have had drive-thrus for ages, so it’s nothing super new.

  1. Stay Clean

Finally, it’s important to remember that if you do need to leave the house to pick up your prescription, staying clean goes a long way.

You can best protect yourself when you need to leave for any reason by wearing a mask, gloves, and by practicing good social distancing. And when you get home, washing your hands.

Safely Pick Up Prescription Medication

Anyone who relies on prescription medication knows how important it is to take. And now you have five simple ways to make getting it easier during these crazy times.

Now you don’t have to worry about how you’ll get your important medicine and continue living life with a little less weight on your shoulders. It’s the little things that count when the world throws some wild cards at you!

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