6 Advantages to At Home Care

More older adults today can live independently in their own homes while receiving professional in-home caregiving services rather than entering assisted living facilities.

Here are six advantages to having your loved one receive care at home Massachusetts.

1. The Comforts of Home

Aging adults can get stressed when they realize they need help with daily activities or that they can’t do things they used to. Many seniors fear being “put in a home” and forgotten. At-home care can eliminate that stress by allowing a senior to receive the care they need without leaving the comfort of their own home. It enables seniors to live independently as long as they can.

2. Saves Money

Nursing homes cost almost twice as much as an in-home caregiver. Assisted living facilities also cost more. If your loved one is not in a condition where they need regular, 24/7 care and attention that nursing homes and assisted living homes provide, getting in-home care can help you save money until the time comes when they need those services.

3. Someone to Talk To

Having a caregiver living on-site or visiting during the week can provide some social interaction for your loved one, which is especially important for those who live alone. If the caregiver is a relative, the time they spend together can be mutually beneficial.

4. Provides Peace of Mind

Seniors receiving at-home care usually get more personal service than they would get in an assisted living facility. Family members can rest assured that their loved one is being cared for when they are receiving at-home services. Knowing that someone is watching over their needs can help minimize worry.

5. Reduces Stress

Deciding what’s best for your aging parent can put stress on your whole family. You and your siblings may argue over different ideas on what’s best for your parents’ care. Hiring an in-home caregiver so that your parent doesn’t have to enter assisted living can help ease tension within your family. Everyone can rest at ease knowing their loved one is getting the care they need.

6. Respite Time

If you are the primary caregiver for your aging parent, having an in-home care service come in occasionally can give you some essential respite. You can take time to focus on your personal life and career without having to worry about your parent’s care.

Overall, having a loved one receive care in their own home is beneficial to them, their family and the family pocketbook.


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