6 Prevailing Diseases That Need Utmost Awareness  

Throughout your life, you will be faced with various health issues and problems which should be addressed to make sure the symptoms are known to all those who are at risk from such conditions. The sheer number of medical conditions we know about has been growing in recent years meaning you may not be aware of problems such as brain cancer, heart disease, and Alzheimer’s. Becoming aware of the potential problems associated with many diseases is the first step in reducing the risks associated with them.

  1. Enterovirus 68

This is a disease which has had little attention from the media apart from in areas where the virus is identified and diagnosed. Although it has been known about since the 1960s, Enterovirus 68 has only recently been classed as part of an outbreak after a number of people across the U.S. were affected by its symptoms. Among the issues facing those affected by this disease are its mimicking of polio-like symptoms. Paralysis of the limbs and difficulty breathing are among the most common symptoms of this virus. In order to protect yourself from Enterovirus 68, hands should be washed for at least 20 seconds.

  1. Heart Disease

The rise in processed foods and sugar in your diet over the last few decades has seen an epidemic in terms of heart disease sweeping the developed world. No matter where you live it can be difficult to stay active and eat the healthy diet needed to stay free of heart disease. As you age, the issue of heart disease should become one you are aware of as the CDC states this is the top killer of adults over the age of 65.

Heart disease is a major problem with many individuals who are affected by symptoms including chest pain, breathing difficulties, pain in the limbs, and pain in the upper back and head area. There are a number of issues facing people of all ages in terms of heart disease, including this condition leading to stroke and angina.

  1. Alzheimer’s Disease

As the population ages, the number of people living with memory problems and degenerative diseases is growing. Alzheimer’s disease has become one of the most prevalent forms of dementia affecting people in their mid to late-life stages, but improved diagnosis options are allowing younger people to be affected by this disease. The early stage symptoms of Alzheimer’s include the development of memory issues which can have a negative effect on the daily life of the affected individual and their family.

The Alzheimer’s Association reports the effects of Alzheimer’s can be wide-ranging and affect almost every aspect of life. Individuals affected by this disease may find themselves struggling to complete tasks at work or drive a vehicle as their cognitive abilities decrease.

  1. Brain Cancer

Brain cancers can take one of the two forms, either being a tumour beginning in the brain turning malignant or spreading to the brain from other areas of the body. The various forms of brain cancer mean it can be difficult to identify through symptoms alone as the difficulties caused to each patient vary. Finding out about the symptoms and ways of treating brain cancer is an important part of being aware of the problems this disease can cause.

The Mayo Clinic reports a physician should be contacted by a patient if the symptoms of brain cancer are persistent and no other causes can be found. Among the symptoms of brain cancer to be concerned about include changes to vision, headaches, speech, and balance.

  1. Obesity

One of the best-known epidemics in the world, obesity is having a major effect on the population at all ages. Some studies have shown the problem of obesity will see the current school-age generation to have a lower life-expectancy level than their parents. The reason why you should be aware of this disease is the number of other diseases which generally follow a person gaining a large amount of body fat. Inactivity and unhealthy eating habits should all be monitored if you are to avoid being affected by this disease.

  1. Depression

The issue of depression is becoming one of the most common in the U.S. and around the world. Mental health diseases are causing problems for millions of people throughout each day and night, lowering their ability to fight off other commonly contracted diseases. Unhappiness is the best-known symptom of depression with slowed thinking one of the other common issues of this disease with long-term treatment being needed to overcome this common disease.

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