Are you Tired of Some of the Hair on Your Body? Here is the Solution

A human body is naturally hairy. The parts of the body that grow hair differ from gender, but there are those areas that both genders grow hair. These parts include arms, legs, beards, armpits, chest, and pubic areas. However, you can find some hair, for example, armpits, chest, hand, and legs, unworthy and decide to get rid of them. Laser hair removal is a technique that destroys the hair follicles around the area of treatment to manage their growth. If some hair is not worth growing, book an appointment with Kenneth Thompson, MD, since he is the best in performing laser hair removal. Below are the facts you have to know before undergoing laser hair removal.

Facts about laser hair removal

There are many facts that you should know before having laser hair removal. Some of these ideas should be done before, while others should be done after. Their purpose is to cool down your discomforts, minimize side effects, and protect the skin. They include:

·                Shave or trim the areas of treatment. Your doctor will ask you to trim the hair covering the area of treatment. Failure to shave, the laser rays can react with the hair causing rays penetration hindrances. Additionally, the smell of burning hair can be hard when the laser rays pass, which can result in skin irritation and pain.

·                It is a painless and non-bleeding treatment. It is considered painless and non-bleeding because no cuts or incisions are made. Laser rays are passed on the skin portion by portion until the whole treatment area is complete.

·                It is not time-consuming. During the appointment day, the treatment can take about 20 minutes to complete. However, the time taken during the procedure also depends on the area of treatment. This means, the bigger the area of treatment, the more time it takes.

·                Avoid gym after treatment. According to specialists, the heat from the laser device stays in your skin for approximately 24 hours. When you exercise or take a hot shower, you create a room for bacteria to multiply. A hot shower can also increase skin irritation leading to pain.

·                Avoid sun radiation before and after laser treatment. When laser rays are passed on the skin with sunburns, you can feel pain. Additionally, sunburns can also develop into severe wounds. On the other hand, it is vital to protect your skin from sun rays after treatment. Sunburns may increase reaction inside your skin, resulting in sores. According to research, these sores that may develop because of sun rays can change to a cancer cell.

The laser hair removal technique is known across the world because of its effectiveness. For you to have the preferred outcome, you are required to take 8 to 10 treatments. The time difference between the treatments is about four to five days after healing. A Beautiful You Medical Spa center is the best you can do for laser hair removal.

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