Basic Facts about Custom Peptide Synthesis

The application of custom peptides, is significant in the fields of formulation studies, research and development, in addition to normal commercial usage. Most of the peptide manufacturing companies in Canada and abroad, offer products in both powder and solution forms.

Custom peptide synthesis is aimed at producing bulk API poly-peptides or research grade peptides. The synthesis process modifies the peptides to make them suitable for certain specific therapeutic and diagnostic usages. There are two primary types of peptide synthesis for peptides in both powder and liquid forms. The first method is used when short dipeptide synthesis is needed, and it targets peptides in powder form, while the second is ideal for large-scale production, and is the most preferred for synthesizing peptides in liquid solutions.

Those in need of peptides can search for them based on their specific needs. It is possible to order peptide products in any quantity, starting with as little as a few milligrams, to hundreds of kilograms. Most of the peptide synthesis companies are keen to offer high quality products that are biologically, extremely active.

Some of the typical applications of custom peptides include:

  • Epitome mapping
  • Protein-function structure analysis
  • Receptor- ligand interaction
  • Receptor Characterization
  • Production of antibodies
  • Measuring biological effects

It is always of great importance to handle and store custom peptides as prescribed, should you want to get accurate results when using them. Most peptide deliveries will be in the form of lyophilized salts with free carbon and amino molecules. Once you get the peptides, they should be stored at a temperature below -200C. This temperature will make them stable for a long time.

When ordering soliloquized peptides, you must ensure to use them immediately. This is because they are highly unstable due to their low concentration. If possible, any remaining soliloquized peptides after usage, should be re-lyophilized to enable later usage or longer storage.

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