5 Questions to Ask Your Doctor in Regards to Varicose Veins

Varicose veins are usually abnormally shaped and swollen looking and are considered to be painful veins filled with blood that occur usually in the leg area. This can happen from being overweight or constantly being on your feet. Varicose veins are something that can lead to serious health issues down the road if not taken care of. Serious health issues can surface if you don’t see a physician in regards to your varicose veins. Here are five things you can ask a vein specialist to make you feel more comfortable and understand how important it is to take varicose veins seriously.

  1. What Type of Certifications Does Your Vein Specialist Have?

When it comes to needing any type of work done on your overall health you want to make sure your specialist has all the credentials on doing a great job. You always want to make sure your health is treated with number one care and is handled with certified and licensed specialist first.

  1. If your Specialist Can’t Answer Your Questions, Find Another Specialist

When it comes to having any type of surgery or needed a specific procedure done and your specialist can’t answer certain questions you have in regards to varicose veins, you should then think twice and possibly find another specialist that can answer all the questions you have confidently. If a specialist can’t answer specific questions that can make you question how reliable and knowledgeable they are in this department to begin with. This is someone you are counting on for your life so that’s very important to know.

  1. How Often Have You Performed This Procedure?

It’s always good to find out how much experience your specialist has before getting involved with any type of treatment. When you are getting your consultation done with your doctor, they will tell you what type of treatment you will be needing. If you find out your doctor has performed few vein procedures, you may want to look elsewhere and possibly find another specialist that can treat you that has done this type of work many times before. The greater the chance of success in your situation if your doctor has done this type of work before because they are well versed in treating varicose veins successfully.

  1. What Is Your Company’s Success Rate?

It’s always good to check the hospital you are going through and see what type of reputation they have. If a company has a low rating score you may want to check somewhere else because this indicates complaints with other customer’s in the past in general. That is a major red flag if the company has a low success rate. If your specialist is going to remove varicose veins you want to make sure they have a positive reputation.

  1. Are My Treatment Options Covered Through My Insurance?

Insurance is very important when it comes to handling medical affairs and this is something you should ask your doctor almost immediately. The bill to remove varicose veins is not cheap so it’s best to find that out first before you do any type of surgery. Most insurance companies cover a majority of this type of medical bill so you will most likely be in luck in this type of situation, but it is good to always find out.

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