Eating Healthy on a Budget

When you’re committed to improving your health you may be facing sticker shop when you head to the grocery store. Specialty and organic foods are usually more expensive than the foods you’re used to buying and it can be discouraging to try to afford the difference. Here are some tips for improving your diet without breaking your bank account in the process!

Think natural. Look for local farmers markets and natural food stores in your area and watch for sales. Most markets have seasonal deals you can take advantage of without spending too much.

Cut back on restaurant meals. Eating out is one way to both blow your food budget and make bad food choices, so limit your restaurant visits as much as possible.

Buy in bulk. When you spot a great deal buy extra. You can freeze fruit and vegetables for up to six months, and most packaged foods have an extended shelf life.

Shop online. Websites such as Cost Plus offer healthy food alternatives, and you can save even more by using a Cost Plus coupon.

Avoid prepared foods. For the most part precooked frozen foods are not very healthy for you. Instead prepare double meals and freeze one for later use.

Look for fresh. Fruits and vegetables grow in seasons, and you can take advantage of that by stocking up on them when they are in season. For example, asparagus is one of the earliest fresh vegetables in spring but will be quite pricey by summertime. Buy in season and freeze for optimum savings and nutrition.

Fish and poultry usually go on sale in cycles, so when you see good sales buy enough to last for a month or six weeks. That way you’ll never have to pay full price for your choice of protein.

Did we say freeze? That’s right; if there’s any way possible you should invest in a freezer. It doesn’t have to be huge or expensive; you can probably find a used one at a very reasonable price. Having a freezer will let you buy in bulk and eat fresh frozen fruits and vegetables year round!


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