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Losing your hair brings an excruciating feeling of agoraphobia and low self-esteem. The loss could be for a range of reasons, like some medications that can trigger hair loss. Are you a victim of hair loss and no longer acknowledge the person you see in the mirror? Hair loss does not disfavor because you are a woman or man; however, it should not control your life. A board-certified expert Dr. Martin Maag, MD, is a hair loss specialist in Lakewood Ranch. Together with his team of professionals, they implore a comprehensive and integrative treatment approach using the most modern advances in hair restoration and educating the patients.

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Questions and Answers on Hair Restoration and Implant

What are hair transplants?

It is a discipline that deals with transplanting hair from one area to another. The procedure aims at people who have thinning hair and are likely going bald. It recovers the hair to its completeness that you once had.

What Are The Application Techniques In Getting A Hair Plant?

At Honest Hair Restoration, the method used in hair implants is follicular unit extraction. During this procedure, the physician will first shave off the hair at the scalp, cautiously removing the hair follicle. After the hair has been done away with, the doctor sterilizes the region and makes slits on which he will plant on the follicles after creating the slits; then, there is the planting of the hair follicles in the slits.

In a single treatment session, the physician may plant hundreds to thousands of hair follicles. After which, the bandages, grafts, or gauze will cover your scalp for a few days. A session is most likely to take about four hours, and it might require you to be patient and remove the stitches after ten days.

PRP Injectable

To ensure hair begins to grow at optimum, Dr. Martin draws blood from the arm and places it in a centrifuge to get a high number of platelets. The platelets are responsible for the regeneration of cells, thus taking a role similar to fertilization to the hair follicles. The doctor follows the Cleveland order to administer the PRP injection at the target site.

What to Expect After the Hair Transplant

Following the scalp surgery, your head might need to take medications such as;

  • Use a non-inflammatory to keep swelling down.
  • To subside the risk of infection, you will use antibiotics.
  • Pain medications.

Some people can resume their regular duties a few days after the surgery. You should not be worried when you experience a fall out of hair from the scalp later as it could be giving rise to new cell growth. Usually, most people will note the hair growth of eight to nine months.

Most patients always expect immediate hair growth; the team of qualified physicians will work and walk with you through the journey you began side by side until you achieve your desired goals. To learn more about our services, call the Honest Hair Restoration, or book an appointment via the online tool.

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