7 Ways to Be Dauntless Dealing With Cancer

Cancer: a six letter word that brings terror to anyone who learns that they have it. Immediately following a cancer diagnosis are the scariest moments of your life. It is filled with unanswered questions, feelings of being alone and overwhelmed with all the information, and not knowing if you will be ok and make it through or not. Those diagnosed with cancer have every right to feel these emotions and more, but there are some steps they can take that can help make you feel a little calmer and more collected during this stressful time. Learning how to cope throughout the first day and the days after will help you feel brave and face this disease head first.                                 

First Thing is Facts

When you first hear you have cancer, it can feel daunting. One way to make the situation somewhat less daunting is by getting as many facts as you can. Get as much basic information about the type of cancer you have as possible, and information on treatment plans. Go into your doctor’s office prepared by writing down specific questions such as: what kind of cancer is this? Where is cancer in my body? Does it spread aggressively? What are the chances that my cancer is treatable? What type of treatment options do I have? And any other specific questions you can think of that will help you gather as much information about your current and next steps as possible. Bringing a close friend or trusted family member can also help with the right questions being asked as they may be more objective and have questions you wouldn’t think of. For instance, Sundoctors can help you get through the situation if asked apt questions. 

Get Mentally Prepared for Physical Changes

One of the hardest parts about having cancer aside from the disease itself is the changes that happen in your body whether as a result of cancer itself or from the treatments you receive. Ask your doctor what the treatments may do to your body; some things to ask about is hair loss, weight gain, whether you will need prostheses, adaptive devices, etc. Whether you can continue exercising and living your life as normal, or if that will change. Knowing what physical changes will occur in your body can help you mentally and physically prepare for it so the outcome is not as scary, and you can have a positive outlook.

Keep That Positive Outlook

Medications and cancer can have a serious impact on your health and energy level, but it’s important to keep as healthy of a lifestyle as possible. Eat a healthy diet, get enough rest, and exercise according to doctor’s orders.

Accept Help

This nasty disease and the medications that cure it are going to make you more tired than normal and you will feel sick. When people offer to help, be thankful for their love and consideration and accept their help whether it be cooking, transportation, cleaning, or whatever else.

Make goals!

Goals will help you focus on what is important in life and prioritize on things that make you feel happy and fulfilled. Be open about your goals with your loved ones who can keep you on track and help you accomplish your goals!

Cope with your own way

Everyone’s cancer is unique to them, so everyone needs a coping mechanism that is unique to their personality. Try things like yoga, talking to a counsellor, spiritual support from people like Sundoctor, be alone, whatever you love to do, do it for you! 

Talk to Other Cancer Patients

Talking to other people with cancer gives you a sense of not going through something alone. They can understand what you are going through and feeling better than your loved ones who don’t have cancer can and can offer advice on how to cope and stay positive and brave as you fight hard.

Cancer is scary no matter how you look at it. It can be overwhelming and hard to find the good side, but there are ways to stay positive and live a life of fullness and happiness!

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