Here’s Why You Should Be Careful with Cannabis Around Your Pets

Regular cannabis users know that it is possible to consume too much in too short a time. The effects of doing so are not always so pleasant. But did you know that the same is true for animals? Some types of animals are more sensitive to cannabis than others. Even a little is too much. The lesson here is to be careful with cannabis around pets.

According to a post published on the Leafly website, it’s entirely possible for some pets to be intoxicated by secondhand cannabis smoke. The problem is especially noticeable with cats and dogs, primarily because they have far more cannabinoid receptors than human beings. So where secondhand smoke may not bother you, it could bother your pets quite a bit.

1. Don’t Hotbox Fido

Leafly tends to discuss these types of issues by injecting a little bit of humor. In this particular case, they talk about pet intoxication by suggesting that you don’t hotbox Fido. Pet owners who truly care about their animals would never attempt such a thing. But bringing it up drives home the point nicely.

Secondhand cannabis smoke contains the same cannabinoids and terpenes as firsthand smoke. Levels are obviously much lower due to the fact that a user absorbs most of the compounds. But what remains in secondhand smoke could be enough to trigger a response in your cat or dog.

The problem is that it is impossible to know exactly how much of an effect your pet might be feeling. Dogs and cats cannot speak. They cannot let you know whether they are feeling high. They cannot tell you they have the munchies or that they are feeling nauseous. As a cannabis user, you have to pay attention to how your pet’s mood changes in the presence of cannabis smoke.

2. Choose Another Delivery Method

If you are concerned about secondhand cannabis smoke bothering your pets, the easy solution is to choose another delivery method. Before you roll your eyes, this author is fully aware of the fact that the biggest advantage of smoking is instantaneous effects. Other delivery methods do not work as fast.

According to the good folks at Pure Utah, a medical cannabis pharmacy in Payson, UT, dry heating and vaping are almost as quick in terms of feeling the effects. Both may be better for your pets because the vapor they produce isn’t so thick and voluminous. It also dissipates in the air more quickly, reducing the chances that your pet will inhale a lot of it.

Another safe option still offering near immediate effects is the tincture option. A tincture is a concentrated liquid product you put under your tongue. Just a drop or two and off you go. There is absolutely no danger of secondhand smoke when you use a tincture.

3.  Safely Store Everything

Inhaling secondhand smoke is not the only way pets are negatively impacted by cannabis. Your pets can also get in trouble by eating your cannabis buds, vaping liquids, dummies, and edibles. And yes, animals do it all the time.

Fido might be the kind of dog who will eat anything that isn’t nailed down. Leaving your cannabis products where he can get them is an invitation to trouble. So what do you do? You store everything in a location that is inaccessible to your curious and hungry pooch.

Animals are not immune to the effects cannabis has on the brain. In some cases, exposing animals to cannabis can create bigger problems. It is best to just be careful with all cannabis products around your pets.

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