How Long Does it Take to Feel the Effects of Hydromorphone?

The average adult starting dose of Dilaudid or hydromorphone when taken orally is 2 milligram to 4 milligrams every 4 to 6 hours as requisite. Rectal suppositories most of the time is used at night, with the average dose of one suppository every six to eight hours.

The Effect of Hydromorphone in your Body

If taken by mouth, the effect of hydromorphone is within 30 minutes and last for almost 4.1 hours. After the IV dose, hydromorphone half-life is reduced to 2 to 3 hours.

Proper Dosage of Dilaudid to Reap the Desired Results

A lot of factors can affect the dosage of drug that a person needs. This includes body weight, other treatments of medications use and medical conditions. After a specific dosage of Dilaudid has been consumed for a period of time, your body gets used to it, and a high dosage of is required to ease the pain. Usually, your physician will try to look for the right dosage that will give you relief without harmful effects. This assists to lessen the detrimental effects of the drug and allows for the dosage to be adjusted if needed. So, always make it a point to talk to your doctor if you think your medication is not relieving pain anymore.

In due course, this drug may produce physical dependence and tolerance as your system becomes accustomed to the medication. Tolerance happens when a dosage that is administered give relief is no longer efficient, and high dosages are needed to obtain the same level of pain relief. Physical dependence is a condition where the system will go into withdrawal once the treatment is stopped abruptly. In case you have been taking this drug on a daily basis for a long span of time, discuss with your physician prior to stopping the taking of the drug. This is because the effects of withdrawal can occur.

Physical and dependence and tolerance aren’t the same as addiction. Dependency is defined as a psychological need to use the drug for reasons other than a respite for pain. Even if people might become dependent on this drug, it’s most common for people who are experiencing addictions to other substances before.

It’s essential that this drug is consumed as prescribed by the doctor. Once you miss a dose, use or take it as soon as possible and keep on with your daily schedule. If it’s almost time for the next dose, forget the missed dose and keep on with the regular dosing schedule. Don’t use or take a double dose to offset the missed one. If you’re not sure what to do after you miss a dose, call your physician for some sound advice.


In general, Dilaudid works on your brain to augment the ability to endure pain. This drug starks to function within thirty minutes for oral forms, or within five minutes for injectable form. Your physician might have prescribed this drug for conditions other than just pain relief.

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