Healthy Dried Fruits That are Worth Trying

Drying fruits helps extend their life. The problem when you buy fresh fruits in bulk is that if you do not finish eating them within a few days, they are no longer edible. They also start losing the nutrients your body needs. Therefore, choosing dried fruits is a good idea. They contain the same amount of nutrients as fresh fruits, but you can consume them over a longer period.

As long as your chosen dried fruit does not contain lots of additives and preservatives, it will be good. If you want to reduce the cost when purchasing dried fruits, you can buy wholesale dried fruit online. These are among the best fruits to include in your diet.

Black mission figs

You drink milk because of its calcium content. Figs contain more calcium than a cup of milk. Therefore, if you want food that strengthens your bones, black figs are a good source. They also include Vitamin B6, iron and magnesium. Figs are rich in fibre which help reduce toxins in the body. The best part is that figs taste great. It is like a mixture of caramel with vanilla and raisins.


To lower sugar content in the body, you need to eat apricots. They contain Vitamin C and fibre. They are also easy to digest since they contain moderate amounts of fructose. They are perfect when added to muffins and granola bars.


You can also choose plums or prunes. They contain boron, which is essential for having strong bones. Plums also contain iron, fibre and potassium. Since they are quite low in sugar compared with other similar fruits like dates, they are a good alternative. You can chop plums and add them to muffins and other baked goods.


You need to try this fruit now. You only need ¼ cup of this dried fruit to get over 130% of the Vitamin C content your body needs. Mulberries are a superfood; low in sugar, and high in iron, magnesium and potassium.


If you want a cheap option and something that is easy to find, buy raisins. It is a classic dried fruit which is famous around the world. Although it is cheap and accessible, it contains high amounts of vitamins and minerals that can help keep your bones and heart healthy. If you are searching for a fruit that can help reduce weight, raisins are a good idea.

Goji berries

They are like raisins, but they have a tough texture. You can soak them in water first before eating them. They contain Vitamin A and C. The combination of that sweet and tart flavour might be a bit weird at first, but you will like it. Add to that all the nutrients you will get from eating them. You won’t have any reason for throwing away Goji berries.

These are only some of the dried fruits you need in your life. Don’t worry about what others say; that dried fruits are unhealthy. As long as you choose organic and low sugar dried fruits, they are fine.


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