How a Breast Lift Can Help Redefine Your Chest Aesthetics

A breast lift is one way you can rejuvenate your falling breast after pregnancy, as sagging and other undesirable looks can make you a bit self-conscious. Breast lift helps accomplish many things, which is why many women prefer them after their children stop breastfeeding. The procedure is safe and can give you a youthful look more comparable to a person who is yet to breastfeed. If you want your breasts looking their best, you can try Matthew J. Lynch MD, a known expert in the technique to help you achieve your aesthetic goals.

Who requires a breast lift?

Any person with sagging breasts or who is uncomfortable with the way their breasts look can have the procedure. When you chose the procedure, your doctor uses a simple principle when completing it for you, which begins with removing some skin and lifting some tissues to a higher area. 

Should you have a breast lift after pregnancy?

Having a breast lift for any reason is entirely a personal decision. However, most people seeking the procedure do it after they have finished breastfeeding their child. Breastfeeding takes a significant toll on the tissues holding your breasts upright, a situation which an ordinary breast lift can reverse. Pregnancy itself is also a major reason for sagging breasts, with weight gain a minor reason for the same issue. Therefore, when your breasts begin sagging after any of the mentioned reasons, you can make an appointment to determine whether you require a breast lift.

One thing you must note is that a lift is different from reshaping. With a lift, you can only achieve your pre-pregnancy breast looks, as it can never increase the size of your breasts. However, in a lifting procedure, you can get an augmentation of your breasts to have them look more natural.

Reshaping requires special structures, which make up the implants used. For instance, for a reshaping procedure, you will require silicone breast implants, which complement the removal of the excess skin to facilitate a lift.

What should you expect during a breast lift?

A lift procedure takes many things into account, one of them being your general health. Your doctor must carry out examinations to determine whether the procedures can fit your profile. Once established that you can have a breast lift, your doctor will begin the surgical work. The major focus of the surgery is an uplift and removal of unnecessary skin in your breast region.

Is there any downtime with a breast lift?

Like in most hospital procedures, you will feel some pinches, which you can share with your doctor after the lift. Other side effects include bruising and some discomforts which dissipate in the weeks to come. In the meantime, as you heal, you should never take part in extreme physical activities.

A breast lift is the best way to have your breasts take their old style and shape. However, for this, you will need an expert. Dr. Lynch is ready to help you achieve your breast goals. Call the doctor or book your appointment online to benefit from the procedure.

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