4 Questions Worth Considering About Memory Care Communities

When a family makes the difficult decision to relocate a loved one to an Alzheimer’s care facility, the next step is to find one that provides high-quality memory care services Denver. Getting answers to four basic questions is a good place to start.

1. What Services Are Provided?

Memory care facilities offer many of the same services provided at an assisted living community, including meals, personal care, exercise programs and housekeeping. More specialized offerings are included in a community that focuses on residents with Alzheimer’s disease or all other forms of dementia. This may include behavior and communication monitoring, memory care therapy and a greater staff-to-resident ratio than you may find in a typical assisted living setting.

2. What Type of Training Is Provided for Staff?

Training for nursing staff and other associates is specialized. Some states require specific certification. Finding out what type of ongoing education is provided for nursing personnel should be a priority when searching for an Alzheimer’s care community.

3. How Are Family Members Supported?

When it is time for a family member to move into memory care, the experience can be an emotional one for everyone involved. Finding a community that offers emotional and physical support for the new resident and his or her family is essential. Among the programs that memory care facilities offer are group activities and educational sessions. Support groups are also available in many dementia care communities. Additionally, the opportunity for family members to meet with staff at any time can help reassure anxious family members that their loved one is safe and receiving the best care possible.

4. What Is the Environment Like?

Often the memory care ecosystem is highly specialized. Attention is given to ensuring the safety of residents. Memory care communities often have hallways that are conducive to the patient wandering, while ensuring their safety. These facilities are also typically kept small and intimate, which can help prevent residents from feeling overwhelmed. Just like everyone else, individuals with dementia need adequate sunlight and air. A memory care community, therefore, that includes appealing outdoor spaces like courtyards and gardens can be very attractive to prospective residents and family members.

Like any major decision in life, choosing a dementia care community for a loved one may require extensive research. Getting satisfying answers to the questions considered in this article is essential. Other important factors are the cost of the care, specific programs offered and the location of the community.


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