All you need to know about the mental health awareness month

Have you recently heard about the term mental health awareness month? Has it triggered you to learn even more about it? If so then here we are to tell you all you need to know about it. The month of May has been declared as the month of mental health awareness due to the significance of it. This month had first been started in America in the year 1949 and till today there are millions who are getting educated with it. Around the time of mid-march, the authorities start spreading the material in the folks that help them get the knowledge about this month. The material majorly includes screenings, media and local events that help people learn about it.

The problem with us is that we do not take the mental health seriously, rather we consider it to be something that is additional and we easily foresee it. We only think that physical health is what matters the most and we do not even care for it until we get sick. Physical, mental and spiritual health are the part and parcel for living a healthy and a full life which is why the mental health month is of great importance to everyone.

The major causes and the reasons why a person gets mental illness has been discussed in the themes of the previous years. The top reasons for mental illness have been declared to be

  • Depression
  • Bipolar Disorder
  • Schizophrenia

The sole purpose of the mental health month is to tell people what mental illness is, how it is caused and what strategies could be adopted to reduce the factors. These strategies and solutions are also meant to tell people that mental wellness is a necessary factor and it needs people to take it seriously.

The theme for the year 2018 regarding the mental wellness was termed as fit for the future and it encouraged the people share their ideas for a fit and healthy future and then the ideas were nourished further by educating the people with what is necessary for mental wellness and how one can stay health mentally and physically.

The major sources for decreasing the causes of depression and mental illness have been declared to be a lot of exercise in some open space that opens your mind, massage on regular basis that decreases depression and stress and meditation to become better in your future.

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