Pills to increase your brain capacity

Increase our brain capacity, cognitive, attention, that there will be our mind to hundreds of creations and with that mental rapidity to which many of us are addicted, it would be great to be able to obtain it after taking a daily dose of some chemical compound, and without having side effects like migraine or others that affect our organism.

And the truth is that everything sounds like science fiction, and of course, there is a film that brought the subject to the mat some time ago, Limitless or Sin Limites in Spanish, where the protagonist encounters a pill called NZT-48, a compound that increases his brain capacity and makes him be everything he once wanted to be and more, much more, but not everything is science fiction and Hollywood, since there are such brain stimulants for quite some time.

Here is the full video about modafinil:

Neuro-stimulants have been developed for quite some time, drugs created to keep the user in a more alert state in the case of military use, and to treat drowsiness or sleep disorders, but applied to people with normal states produces an exaggeration of the state of wakefulness, attention and an unaccredited feeling of improving the capacity of cognitive attention of the user, the best known of this type are Modafinil and Methylphenidate.

One of the most popular “smart drugs” is modafinil, which is used by numerous students to deal with fatigue during exam season available on RXShopMD.com. Originally designed to treat narcolepsy, the drug became popular among different groups thanks to its ability to make people feel more awake and alert. “Some neurostimulants, such as modafinil, help improve performance in complex planning or problem solving processes” Barbara Sahakian, University of Cambridge, Thus, the military uses it to keep soldiers awake during combat operations, and its use It has also spread among those professionals who work night and long shifts, such as doctors, nurses and pilots.

Barbara Sahakian, researcher and professor of clinical neuropsychology at the University of Cambridge, meanwhile, found that 17% of students at several universities in the United States admit to having used the stimulant Ritalin (methylphenidate). This drug was designed to treat hyperactive children, maximizing their learning capacity.

And a survey conducted by Nature magazine among 1,400 adults found that one in five had used Ritalin, Provigil (modafinil) or beta-blockers, and not to treat any medical condition, but to improve their concentration or memory. “Studies show that some neurostimulants such as modalert help improve performance in complex planning or problem solving processes, specifically the executive functions that take place in the front of the brain,” explained Professor Sahakian. “Modafinil also improves some memory functions and Ritalin specifically improves working memory.”

Despite not being approved for several of these indications, modafinil has been shown to be effective for attention deficit disorder, depression, opioid and cocaine dependence, Parkinson’s disease, schizophrenia and disease-related fatigue, as well as Fatigue due to side effects of other medications. These drugs have an effect similar to intense work and coffee, which also produces exercise, are all cognitive enhancers.“, Says John Harris, director of the Institute for Science, Innovation and Ethics at the University of Manchester, this state can be achieved by stimulation itself but consumes large amounts of body energy so it is not something that lasts for a lot of time, unlike when stimulated with the use of chemical substances that force the body to remain aroused achieving the secretion of multiple substances in the body to achieve that state forcing our body to spend enormous amounts of energy. Regarding the risks, it is not very clear how safe they are, nor what level of dependence they generate, due to the difficulty to identify those who consume them and what happens with their long-term use.

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