Preparing for Your First-time Visit to a Menopause Specialist

Menopause is a period when a woman stops receiving monthly periods. This marks the end of her ability to conceive. For some women, it can be a trying time because of fluctuating hormones and body changes. But when you work with a specialist of menopause in Winter Park at Contemporary Women’s Care, navigating this change becomes easy. If you plan a visit to your doctor for the first time, knowing what to expect can improve your experience. Here is how:

Inform your doctor about what you are experiencing

Apart from the common symptoms, your psychological being may become overwhelmed. Being unable to sleep through the night due to hot flashes can affect your ability to think properly. You do not have to bottle your feelings when a doctor is there to help you. Ask anything you are curious about. Tell your doctor about anything that makes you feel uncomfortable so that you can get help. And do not be afraid to go for hormone replacement therapy if that is what it takes to improve your quality of life.

Talk about your symptoms

Are you having memory deficiencies, sleeping problems, hot flashes, or mood swings? While these symptoms are common, your doctor can provide solutions to help you. Tell your doctor in detail about what you are experiencing and how you are feeling. Be specific on how often the symptoms occur and how serious they are.

Be bold

There is nothing to be ashamed about when it comes to health challenges. Menopause is an inevitable part of your life. When you avoid telling your doctor about your problem because it sounds embarrassing, you will not get the assistance needed, making your life less pleasant than it could be. Please do not leave out anything during your visit.

Research on menopause before your visit

People who research their condition prior to their visits have a better chance of accepting the challenges that may come their way. For example, if your doctor orders some tests, you will know what types of questions to ask. That way, you will not have anxiety during your next visit.

Do not be afraid to seek a second opinion

It is vital that you have a good connection with your doctor. If your current doctor does not meet your expectations, do not be scared of seeking a second opinion from another one. Do not forget to tell each doctor you meet with about your medical history and encounter with other doctors.

Ask a loved one to accompany you

You are going through a major transition in life. But you do not have to navigate life after menopause alone. You can ask a loved one to accompany you to your visit. That way, they will understand your condition and know how to relate with you when your symptoms start occurring.

Dealing with menopause can be easier for you with the help of a professional. It is a time to learn how to take control of your life during your sunset years. There is nothing to be embarrassed about. Many women are also going through the same. The only difference you can make is seeing a specialist before your symptoms wear you down. For more information concerning first-time visits for menopause, book your appointment with Contemporary Women’s Care today.

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