Supplements and Bodybuilding. What are the best?

What can bodybuilding integration do? In the first place, as the word “integration” itself says, this serves to fill a gap or to optimize the result, not to create it.

The above is a concept to understand well.

Secondly, it can be used to optimize power, improve performance or recover faster. Let’s look at a list of how supplements can best be used to benefit even in everyday life. Choosing the right supplements is necessary.

Here is a list of supplements common to bodybuilding such as best Testosterone Booster for men, with the pros and cons


Powdered proteins are food, and can also be considered the basis of any bodybuilding supplement. Protein powder is a convenient and practical solution that allows you to consume protein without having to carry around chicken or the like or cooking.

Protein powders are certainly the basis of any bodybuilding supplement. Those starting a serious diet soon discover that it is inconvenient and expensive to consume quality protein in adequate quantities.

The advice falls on the isolated impact whey that satisfy everyone, from those who don’t tolerate lactose to those with problems of digestibility.


Creatine is a highly studied and widely used supplement. Increases strength by reloading ATP stocks and muscle size both because it draws water, and because it allows you to lift more weight, obviously allows a greater stimulus. The advice is to use the one to use the simple creatine monohydrate without getting lost to use other types spending more.


Pre-Workouts are supplements that are in a class of their own. They are a “plus” that help improve endurance, concentration and energy.

There are different types already packaged like the Mypre or you can do it yourself by buying the single ingredients.


Carnitine is very borderline as a supplement, especially for weight loss.

It is used in the definition periods but has no direct scientific relevance on weight loss. However it may have hope in low-carbohydrate diets where the main energy substrate is fatty acids. Being a transport carrier, it can improve their oxidation.


Testo boosters are highly abused supplements that have no use in healthy people. They are composed of extracts of herbs and amino acids such as aspartic acid but in the hypothesis that they increase testosterone this cannot go beyond the physiological level and consequently is not sufficient to trigger growth. In short, we need doping.

In cases of low production instead, supplements to increase testosterone can help normalize its levels. The Testosterone Booster is one of these.


Arginine is an amino acid precursor of GH. It is used as a stimulator of nitric oxide, but the problem is that it is almost entirely degraded by a class of enzymes called arginase. The best supplement to stimulate the pump is citrulline along with grape seed extract.

Excellent substitutes for arginine to be taken in the dose of 8 g the first and 500 mg the second.


The branched amino acids are widely used in bodybuilding both before and after training, as anti-catabolic.

The point is that very often they are not useful. Subsequently it is possible to see an overview.

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