Team Building Activities to Boost Your Work Performance

Is the situation in your workplace getting tense? A small argument between workmates might leave some unsolvable ill feelings. It will create tension and an odd atmosphere that affects the quality of your team’s work. Consequently, it can reduce productivity and affects your company’s performance.

Perhaps, it is because the bond among the workers becomes weaker. They start to lose the fun of working inside the team. They feel bored with the monotonous sight of your office. When it happens, the employer shall find a solution to boost the mood through team building. Here are the top three team building activities that you must try with your workmates.


Hiking is one of the cheapest outdoor activities that you can do with your team. You only need to set the company budget for transportation, medical kits, and meals. Hire someone to be the guide if you don’t have any hiking experts on your team. Afterward, you will enjoy a long walk with beautiful scenery. It allows you and your workmates to breathe fresher air. Say goodbye to the desks and computers. It is time to energize with the help of nature. Don’t forget to tell your workmates to bring outdoor sporting goods and wear clothing for hiking. A wrong dress code will make them feel uncomfortable along the way.

To conduct this activity, you have to be mindful of the middle-aged workmates. The older workers might have difficulty catching up with the young people during the hiking. Your team has to support and help each other. Through that experience, your team will learn about understanding others’ limitations, tolerance, and enhancing communication.

After a while of hiking, your team will be able to enjoy the fascinating sight of nature. It is a gift for their perseverance after enduring the long walk.

Outbound Activities

It is your team’s day. No one should be busy organizing the outbound activities. Hire a professional to be the organizer and prepare the necessary equipment. You and your team shall enjoy the day through the fun games without thinking about the event.

It can be more expensive than hiking, but outbound activities are more entertaining to some people. It involves a lot of fun games and physically easier for middle-aged workers. The most popular games for outbound activities are pipeline, spiderweb, tic-tac-toe, trust fall, etc. Get ready for your calmest workmate who can be aggressive to win the game. It is because outbound activities will bring someone’s competitive side to the surface.

Outbound activities are a great stress reliever. It can ease the tension among the team and effectively increase teamwork. Your workmates will learn about trust, leadership, and coordination. It helps your workmates to exercise their critical and creative thinking.

Sports Tournament

You don’t have to worry if your office doesn’t have an indoor facility for a sports tournament. You can add this game to your outbound activity list or create an independent sports event for a day. Create a list of sports that you can play in an open space, such as beach volleyball, dodgeball, or football. It is to save some cash from renting an indoor court.

Afterward, divide your team according to their passion. This way, you will know your workmates better, and you may gain a new friend with the same hobby. The goal of this tournament is to enhance teamwork. You can have a BBQ party at the end of the day. It is to celebrate the successful event and to express appreciation to each other.

Results of Team Building

Budget allocation to conduct a team-building is not a splurge. Team building is an investment. Those activities will improve your team’s performance and tighten the bond among the workers. It builds a connection and trust. Someone needs to know that they can rely on each other in a company. Thus, leading to an increase in the company’s performance and productivity.

At the same time, team building is also a form of appreciation for the employees after weeks of hard work. It is a gift when they can spend their time without worrying about deadlines and create memories with their colleague. In the end, they will get the motivation to perform better for other team building activities.

It is time to refresh the mood through team building when you feel the tense atmosphere in your office. In particular, if small conflicts start emerging in your surrounding. You have to prevent the situation from getting worse and affecting your company’s performance.

Team building is the right investment for a company to enhance their employees’ performance. There are a lot of benefits from those activities. It can be a strategy for an employer to maintain positive energy at the office.

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