The Top 5 Things You Should Bring With You to Assisted Living

Moving from a fully-stocked family home into an assisted living facility with limited space can be a bit daunting. Although assisted living offers many benefits for senior health, learning to live in a compact space can be a challenge. This will certainly involve some downsizing, and it may be difficult to know which items to pack, which to store, and which to discard.

Below is a list of five items you may want to bring along during the move to an assisted living facility. This list provides a mix of comfort items and practical necessities compiled to help make this process easy for you.

1. Decorative Items

Personal photographs, paintings, knickknacks and other small decorative items can transform a blank space into a comfortable home. Although you certainly won’t have enough space for every single decorative item from your old house, choosing 5-10 special items can really liven up your space.

2. Kitchen Items

Since your meals will be provided, you won’t need a lot of kitchen items. However keeping a bowl, plate, mug, and set of utensils can be helpful for snacks and beverages. You will also want to bring along a garbage can (if one is not provided) and bags. Since you will not have a stove, you might also appreciate the use of a small microwave.

3. Personal Belongings

Naturally, you will need clothes. Don’t forget to include pajamas, underwear, warm clothing items, and daily outfits. You’ll also need any toiletries and personal care items you regularly use. Don’t forget about any healthcare items you may need, such as glasses or medication. These are the most important items to pack, as they are essential to your daily life.

4. Essential Furniture Pieces

Before you haul in any furniture, find out if anything is provided. In many instances you may need to bring your own bed, sofa and chairs. You might not have space for many other furniture items, so it is a good idea to begin with these essentials, and then pick up more furniture pieces as needed.

5. Cleaning Supplies

Your assisted living accommodations will likely include some measure of housekeeping, however it can be helpful to have some items on hand for light tidying and unexpected messes. You may want to have a broom and dustpan, towels, dish soap and a sponge, and surface wipes to help keep your area clean.

Moving is never easy, and downsizing can be a challenge. Hopefully, by using this list as a guide, you can simplify the process of moving into an assisted living facility. By bringing along essential items that you need, as well as some comfort objects, your home care from Seniors Helping Seniors can begin to feel cozy and welcoming.

With a bit of planning, some careful selection and a modicum of conscious intention, your move to an assisted living facility can go smoothly. Once your boxes are unpacked and your pictures are hung on the walls, you might be surprised how much your new apartment feels like home.

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