Vaporizing Cannabis: What to Look For at a “Dispensary Near Me”

If you have recently typed the words ‘dispensary near me’ into Google’s search engine, then you are not alone.

The public image of cannabis has been transformed massively over the past decade. With new evidence coming to light about the medicinal properties of cannabis, the relaxation of laws around the plant, and the government approval of cannabis-derived medication, people are finally beginning to see cannabis in a new light.

This means that a more relaxed view of cannabis also brings new and innovative ways to consume it.

Vaporizing Weed: What to Look For at a “Dispensary Near Me”

The COVID-19 pandemic has shaped reality for people everywhere, and our lives have been repeatedly put on hold.

More and more of us are actively searching for ways to help alleviate the stresses and worries of this new world, and many people are turning to the relaxing and relieving properties of cannabis.

However for newcomers, the world of cannabis can be slightly overwhelming, so there are a few essential elements you should get to grips with before you head down to your nearest dispensary.

New Methods On the Rise

As you may have already found out during your initial online research, there are many different ways to consume cannabis. It may come as a surprise to people whose perception of cannabis consists of smoking a neatly rolled joint, but legalization has brought with it a raft of creativity and new inventions.

There are many new ways of getting the active ingredients of cannabis into your system, and there are so many new products and strains to know about that it can be overwhelming even to the most seasoned smoker.

While these new methods are a godsend for health-conscious people who aren’t so keen on the idea of smoking, the wide range of options can be a little daunting.

Introduction to “Vaping”

One of the most popular new methods is vaporizing, or “vaping”. Vaporizing cannabis does not actually involve burning the plant, so it is a much cleaner and healthy way of consuming. This can be ideal in a time when the health of our lungs is very much at the forefront of our minds.

Concentrates at Dispensaries Near Me: How Are They Made?

Another popular cannabis innovation of recent times is cannabis concentrate. Concentrates are a key player in vaporizing cannabis.

As the name suggests, cannabis concentrates are produced by reducing the flowers of cannabis down to a concentrated form. These concentrates come in various structures, such as oil, crystal, shatter, and budder.

You might be asking yourself, what is the benefit of turning a perfectly fine natural product into a concentrate? Well, it all comes down to the potency of the end product.

The Science of Concentrate Extraction

During the extraction process, the active ingredients in cannabis (mainly THC and CBD) are isolated and stripped away from the rest of the plant. This results in an end product with much higher potency levels than the original flower.

Concentrates are produced by two methods: solvent systems or non-solvent systems.

  • Solvent systems introduce a liquid material that dissolves the plant’s unnecessary elements and retains the cannabinoids. This process results in high levels of THC, CBD, and terpenes, which are the main active components in any cannabis strain. Solvents such as CO², propane, ethanol, and butane are used in this process of extraction. Even though these solvents produce an immaculate dissolution of the unwanted elements such as fiber and wood, trace amounts of these chemicals can end up in the finished product.
  • The solvent-free process, which you will often find advertised on the product packaging, does not leave chemical residues. Solvent-free extraction is an entirely different method, as this process does not include the use of chemicals. In this case, the extraction happens through heat, pressure, screening, ice water, and other techniques. Always opt for solvent-free products when seeking a good quality concentrate.

Solvent-free extraction is an entirely different method, as this process does not include the use of chemicals. In this case, the extraction happens through heat, pressure, screening, ice water, and other techniques. Always opt for solvent-free products when seeking a good quality concentrate.

Types of Concentrates

“Concentrate” may umbrella one form of cannabis, but there are actually many different types of concentrate to choose from at your local dispensary.

Budder or “Badder”

The consistency of this cannabis concentrate resembles butter and is a form of cannabis wax.

The terms “budder” or “badder” refer to any cannabis concentrate with this buttery consistency.

Budder is typically used with a dab rig. This form of consumption is commonly referred to as – of course – dabbing.

This process involves applying a desired amount of budder to a heated dab nail which allows it to vaporize.

When the vapor comes out of the heated dabber, you inhale it, let it into your system, and then exhale it. While some people use dabbers, some prefer a vape pen, bowl, blunt, or pipe.

Bubble Hash

Bubble Hash has been around for quite some time. It is a mud-brown substance produced by filtering dried buds that have been frozen and pressed.

The flowers from the cannabis plant are mixed with distilled ice water and left to chill to a precise temperature. This causes some of the plant’s compounds to separate, which are then collected through different layers of filtration.

Bubble hash can be smoked on top of a bowl of flower, or by itself using the proper gear. It can be added to a joint, added to a hookah (Moroccan style), or vaporized.

CO² Oil

CO² oil is an amber liquid produced by exposing cannabis buds to carbon dioxide. This exposure eliminates much of the plant’s unwanted parts.

This innovative form of cannabis concentrate is inflammable. Oil can also be consumed very quickly. It is most commonly applied under the tongue, which allows the active ingredients to enter the bloodstream faster than other methods.


Cannabis crumble is a spongy substance that crumbles easily. If you are looking for an intense cannabis experience, you should opt for crumble as the THC level can reach up to 90%!

Therefore, it’s safe to say this may not be an ideal choice for those new to cannabis concentrates. It is typically preferred by vaping and dabbing advocates, and it can also be added to a joint. Due to its high potency, beginners should use this form with caution.


This crystalline powder can be administered in various ways, such as in cooking, through smoking, and through vaping. Isolates are produced by chemically isolating the THC and/or CBD from the cannabis plant – transforming these cannabinoids into their purest form.

The process through which isolates are made is complicated, and it delivers an intense and fast-acting experience. It is a very potent form, so newcomers should be very careful with it.


Rosin is not a new form of cannabis, but its popularity has blossomed in recent years. It is obtained by applying intense heat and pressure to cannabis flowers. The result is a very dense, viscous extract. It can be smoked in a joint, a pipe, a bong, or a dab rig.


Shatter is one of the most popular concentrate types. It’s obtained using butane to dissolve the plant’s unwanted parts and extract the good stuff: the cannabinoids, flavonoids, and trichomes that give the marijuana plant its potency and floral aromas.

Shatter is an enticing form of cannabis that has the appearance of candy. This by-product is very potent, but due to the manufacturing process, there is a risk of passing harmful chemicals into the product. Shatter is most commonly smoked with a dab rig.

Concentrates I Can Find in a “Dispensary Near Me”

As far as the type of concentrate is concerned, good “dispensaries near me” will stock most of the concentrate types we have listed above. Before looking at brands and names, you have to decide what kind of concentrate you want, and how you’d like to use it.

Concentrates and Cooking

If you are looking for something you can use in a fantastic recipe you saw online, cannabis oils are the best choice. Crystalline powder can also be a great supplement to your recipe as it is completely flavorless and tasteless, though it will pack powerful effects.

Rolling It Up

If you want something to smoke or add to your joint, you can choose between isolates, rosin, and crumbles. We advise that you carefully read the label to determine the level of potency of the concentrate as it may not be suitable for beginners with low tolerance levels.

Vaporizing and Dabbing

However, if you are interested in vaping, all types of concentrates are suitable, but oils are the most convenient choice in this case. A knowledgeable budtender at your local dispensary will be happy to help you choose a product ideal for your needs.

When In Doubt, Consult Your Budtender

Be sure to explain to your budtender what you want from the experience and the modes of consumption you are willing to try. Be prepared to be open about your history as a consumer and the level of high you wish to reach.

Most dispensary staff are cannabis experts and will recommend and showcase the best products available at their dispensary that will best fit your needs. Their knowledge is a great tool to help make your experience with new forms of cannabis consumption run smoothly.

Being open to trying something new is a fantastic start, but the different potency levels can make choosing a product slightly tricky. To get you on your way, we’ve handpicked some of the most popular oils from Seattle-based dispensary, American Mary.

Skunk #1 GOLD

Skunk #1 is a world-famous strain of sativa cannabis that has been a favorite amongst cannabis users for decades. This potent vaporizer oil is bound to put a smile on your face and is known to induce an energetic high that inspires a creative thought process.

Tropicana Cookies

This fruity and sweet blend is brought to you by Regulator Xtracts. A relatively new kid on the block, Tropicana Cookies is a strain that has seen a sharp rise in popularity. Expect a full-body high that increases your focus – which is perfect for daytime vaping.

Pineapple Express

Pineapple Express was already a trendy strain long before Seth Rogen and James Franco propelled it into household name status. This oil from Sticky Budz is another fruity and sweet blend that will perform magic on your tastebuds.

Concentrates and Modes of Consumption

Concentrates are a sought-after choice mainly for their potency. They are also very versatile, and can be consumed in many different ways.

Oral Consumption

Oral consumption is considered one of the safest ways to administer cannabis. Despite this, the intense flavor of some oils can be off-putting to many users.

When it comes to cooking with concentrates, you can find plenty of unique recipes online. One thing to keep in mind is not to cook your cannabis edibles higher than 350 degrees.

Vaporizing Concentrates

Vaporizing is considered one of the most convenient choices for many people who prefer to smoke their cannabis.

It’s cleaner, healthier, and comes without the mess and hassle of having to make a joint. Vaporizing can also be very discreet. For these reasons it is becoming an on-trend option as more people are moving away from bongs, pipes, and joints and towards this 21st-century method.

As well as vaping cannabis oils from pre-filled cartridges, it’s handy to remember that you can vaporize any type of concentrate or flower. This consumption method requires a vaporizer, a device that heats cannabis to a precise temperature that produces a vapor rather than smoke.

Cannabis Oils

Cannabis oils are packed in a small bottle equipped with a measuring device to simplify dosages. Unlike smoking, dabbing, and orally ingesting your weed in the form of edibles, cannabis oils also offer a very discrete form of consumption.

Oils contain varying THC and CBD levels, everything from low dosages for beginners to high levels for more seasoned users. These oils are usually administered sublingually as the tongue’s sensitive tissues guarantee quicker transmission of the ingredients into the bloodstream.

Cannabis oils can also be a great addition to your recipes, but the edible consumption mode comes with delayed effects. The most convenient form of oil consumption would be vaping; the high will be relatively fast, the administration mode is very convenient, and the experience will be more enjoyable.

Cannabis Oils at Dispensaries Near Me

Hopefully, with our help, you are closer to understanding which form of cannabis concentrate is right for you. You may even have some new questions to ask your budtender!

With cannabis culture out in the open more than ever before, innovations and new ways of consumption are flooding the market. The days of being restricted to only smoking cannabis in a joint or bong are long gone.

More people than ever are looking to exploit the medicinal benefits of cannabis, and for many, smoking cannabis negates any possible health benefits they may be receiving.

Vaporizing cannabis puts all these doubts to rest. Due to the nature of vaporizing, fewer toxins are released when compared to smoking. The taste is much cleaner, and vaping is often odorless, so you will not have the smell of cannabis following you around, as is often the case after smoking a joint.

Armed with this information, it is time to get to know and experience some of the many new types and modes mentioned above. Which form of cannabis to choose and how to consume it is entirely down to your personal preference.

Rest assured, no matter what mood you wish to achieve or which particular property you wish to experience, there is likely a form of cannabis out there that perfectly suits your needs!

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