What You Need to Know About A Breast Biopsy Procedure Center?

Breast biopsy is a popular medical procedure of testing the breast tissue to check the cancerous cells. Breast biopsy is actually used to look at the condition, when abnormalities in the mammogram results or signs of lump formation in the breast. The experts related to this procedure actually remove a small amount of breast tissue for testing whether the cells are cancerous or non-cancerous. During this procedure, if a noticeable tumor is found, doctor first inspects the region to find out whether it’s benign and is treatable. If the doctors find it malignant, it can spread to other parts as well. Therefore, further investigation is required.

Modern Breast Biopsy Procedure Center:

With the latest advancement in the medical technology has made the breast biopsy procedure easier and safer than it was before. Traditional breast biopsy was a surgically invasive process which may pose risks of scarring. However the modern breast biopsy procedure center has improved a lot and can help to check the possibility for breast cancer. The new breast biopsy procedure is very precise and comfortable. The tools used for modern breast biopsy technique are solely dedicated to breast cancer screening and provide many benefits of comfort, accuracy, and cost effectiveness. Modern breast biopsy techniques can be used as a breast cancer screening procedure as well as to track necessary treatment for breast cancer.

Types of Breast Biopsy:

During the breast biopsy, the pathologist usually collects the breast tissue and then studies the sample to determine if the cells are cancerous. Although, according to a recent statistics, only about 20% of biopsies of American women are cancerous due to the early detection policies. There are mainly three types of breast biopsies: fine needle aspiration biopsy, core needle biopsy, surgery biopsy. From them, the core-needle and surgery biopsy are the most commonly used breast biopsy procedures. A doctor considers several factors before recommending a particular type of biopsy for a patient. This recommendation also depends on the type of tumor, how suspicious it looks, its size and location, and number of tumor etc as well as any other medical conditions the patient might have. Therefore, it is important to consult with the pathologist and health care provider to understand what types of breast biopsy is suitable for you.

Choosing a Breast Biopsy Procedure Center:

Before you choose a breast biopsy procedure center, you must ask the center how much of the diagnosis center is devoted to the breast biopsy and how long the pathologists have been in the practice. A general pathologist can do breast biopsy, but those who specialize in breast biopsy do better. An experienced breast biopsy center can distinguish between breast cancer and benign disease over and over, doing a high volume of specific breast biopsy procedures repeatedly. Before the biopsy, you must remember to tell your doctor about the results of your mammogram or any tests that were done indicating the need for a biopsy.  Also, ask the doctor about the biopsy type he/she suggest for you and when & how you will receive the results of the biopsy.

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