Are You Looking for a Vaporizer? How to Select the Best One

Due to rise in various health issues related to tobacco smoking, these days many people are turning to vape. Most regular smokers are now switching to vaping, and quite a few people consider vaping as their new hobby.

As a result, plenty of manufacturers nowadays have started producing vaporizers. So, if you ever decide to buy any vaporizer then you will get plenty of choices available in the market. Due to the large varieties of vaporizers present both online as well as offline, it has become a daunting task to choose the best vaporizer.

Let us share a few tips to select your best vaporizers that are available in the market so that you can select any of them as per your choice.

1. Vaporizer based on combustion method

How you heat these aceite de cannabi vape cartridges has got a significant influence on how you will have your vaping experience. There are two ways of combustion:

2. Conduction method

Here the heating elements will remain directly in touch with your herb. For a beginner, this type of vaporizer will be most suitable.

3. Convection method

Here hot air is forced to flow all-around your herb and your heating element will not contact the herb.

4. Portable/desktop vaporizer

Based on where you want to vape, you can choose either a portable or a desktop vaporizer. Any portable vaporizer can be carried while you are traveling while desktop type will be suitable if you want to use it at your home.

Desktop vaporizers are usually a very robust type of vaporizers as compared to the one that is portable type. These types of vaporizers are more durable and will last for a number of years.

5. Fixed temperature type

There are pen-shaped vaporizers available with preset temperature facilities at affordable costs these days. So, with this, there is no need to select the exact temperature for vaping. There will be 3 selections:

  • Low temperature
  • Medium temperature
  • High temperature

You can just select your button as per your choice that is quite suitable for any average vapers.

6. Vaporizer based on your budget

You can select your vaporizers based on your budget.

7. Low budget

Those who want to buy an entry-level vaporizer must go for a portable vaporizer that will be available at a lower cost. Here the combustion method will be with the conduction method.

8. Medium budget

You can prefer to buy a desktop type of vaporizer by increasing your budget a little more. Here you will not be just limited to the convection method of combustion. Also, you can enjoy dry buds for concentrate vaping.

9. Vaporizer based on battery Size

Batteries will power your vaporizer and also heat the e-liquid, for turning it to vapor. Vaporizer batteries are available in various sizes that also decide how long will your vaporizer run.

So, the battery size will affect directly your vaping experience and also the size of your vaporizer. If you choose a battery size of 900mAh, it will be good enough and better than choosing a 650mAh battery. A 1100mAh battery will be more expensive and a bit bulkier too.

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