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Pregnancy is an exciting journey for most women – first-time moms and those who have had babies before. However, getting pregnant without planning can be stressful and alter your pregnancy experience. Thanks to the different birth control methods, you can decide when you want to get pregnant. However, choosing which option is right for you can be challenging due to the many options available. Thanks to obstetrics & gynecology in Woodside, your specialist may help you narrow down your options and decide on the best one for you. Below are the different factors to consider when choosing a suitable birth control method for you.

Factors to consider when choosing a birth control method

  • Efficacy

When choosing a birth control method, you want to ensure that it is highly effective. However, for the success of any form of contraception, it must be used correctly and consistently. Birth control methods such as implants, IUDs, and sterilization require little to no effort on your part. Such methods are associated with lower pregnancy rates which translate to high efficacy. On the other hand, forms of contraception such as pills and vaginal rings require close monitoring and are associated with higher pregnancy rates.

  • Religious beliefs and cultural practices

Specific religious laws and cultural traditions are against using some forms of birth control. You may need to weigh the consequences of your actions upon choosing a particular method of contraception or your convictions.

  • How long you can use the device or drug

As you choose which birth control method is suitable for you, consider how soon you may want to get pregnant. A short-acting hormonal method like a patch or barrier methods such as using a diaphragm is an option for those planning for pregnancy soon. However, if you want to prevent pregnancy for a more extended period, long-acting methods such as an IUD may be a good choice for you. In other cases where you do not want to get pregnant, your doctor may recommend permanent methods such as sterilization. Most of the time, you may change these methods of contraception at different stages in your life.

  • Convenience and affordability

Convenience is relative for different people while choosing the proper form of birth control. For some, it means a form of contraception that is easy to use, does not alter their sexual experience and has no adverse side effects. Other people prefer birth control methods that do not require a prescription. Consider how willing you are to stick to a particular routine while choosing a birth control method. Choose one that is within your means as some are more costly while others are cheaper.

  • Side effects

Give a thought on whether you can live with the side effects that the method of contraception causes. Some birth control methods pose more side effects, some potentially more severe than others. A review of your medical history helps your doctor understand how your general health might affect your choice of birth control.

Knowing your birth control options will help you in the decision making. To learn more about the different birth control methods, consult with your specialist at Raveco Medical.

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