How to bet on football – tips and TOP betting sites in Zambia

To bet on football, choose a betting company. It is safer to bet at legal bookmakers. Bookmaker Ratings Zambia offers reviews of reliable bookmakers and an editorial assessment based on eight characteristics:

  • Reliability.
  • Odds.
  • Line.
  • Identity.
  • Convenience of payments.
  • Technical support.
  • Bonuses and promotions.
  • Technology.

At first you can play with 3-4 bookmakers and then choose one main office.

Top Best Sports Betting Sites in Zambia

  1. Betway
  2. Unibet
  3. 1xbet
  4. 22bet
  5. BolaBet

How to bet on football matches

After selecting a bookmaker, you have four steps to follow:

  • Register with the bookmaker and verify your identity.
  • Refill your account.
  • Open the football match lineup.
  • Click on the bet, enter the amount and confirm your selection.

Types of football bets

Bookmakers offer many options for betting on football. Consider the main ones:

Main outcome. You bet on a win for the first team, or a draw, or a win for the second team. For example, 1 is a bet on the first team to win.

Double chance. You bet on two of the three main outcomes. For example, 12 is a bet on one of the teams to win.

Normal and Asian handicap. You bet on a team handicap on the result of the match or one of the statistical indicators. The handicap value has to be added or subtracted from the team result. For example, F2(-2.5) on corners is a bet on the victory of the second team on corners after deducting the number 2.5 from the number of its corners.

Regular and Asian totals. You bet on the number of goals, pucks, points and other totals. You can choose to bet on the total more or total less than the set value. For example, a TB 2.5 goal total is a bet on three or more goals in a match.

How to choose a strategy for betting on football

Use one or more football betting strategies to increase your chances of winning.

Strategies are principles derived by experienced bettors. Once you have chosen a strategy, follow the rules. You can test the effectiveness of the strategy by playing a betting simulator.

Let us consider three strategies for betting on football:

  1. Betting on a draw.

The odds for a draw in a football match are 3.50 or higher. Winning at least every third bet will bring profit on the distance.

  • Select matches for draw betting according to the following criteria:
  • There is no clear favourite in the match.
  • A draw suits both teams.
  • Opponents often draw in this tournament.
  • Opponents often draw in this tournament.
  1. Betting on yellow cards.

Bet on the yellow card total for odds around 1.75-2.20 if the following conditions are met:

  • The match is crucial for both teams.
  • The encounter is of great importance.
  • The match head referee is statistically one of the toughest in the tournament.
  • The last face-to-face meeting between the opponents ended with a high number of yellow cards.
  1. Betting on goals.
  • Bet on total goals over 2.5 in the following cases:
  • Both teams are attacking.
  • A draw does not suit either team.

Opponents often break 2.5, both in head-to-head encounters and on the season.

Many experts make football predictions, but there is no perfect strategy. You can improve your chances of winning over the distance by choosing a reliable bookmaker and analysing matches. For detailed bookmaker reviews and betting tips, go to Bookmaker-Ratings.Co.Zm

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