How to Enhance Your Daily Health and Wellness?

Life is priceless, hence the need to enjoy and live every minute to the fullest. But, did you know your health and wellness is a primary factor when it comes to living your best life? It is essential then to take care of your health and put it as your priority.

Going for your check-ups is one of the key things to preserve your health and enhance a better life. Kyle Scarborough MD at Family Life Medical is a family doctor committed to providing top-quality care for you and your family. Contact the practice today to schedule your consultation for all your health needs.

At Family Life Medical, the providers focus on promoting your health and life quality. They offer medical services essential in your daily life, including:

Wellness exams

A wellness exam involves a routine check-up with your physician. A wellness exam focuses on preventative care to maintain your wellbeing and prevent health issues. It also allows for early treatment in case of early detection of a health issue.

Usually, it is recommendable to have a check-up every year, even when feeling healthy. A wellness exam is different depending on the patient’s age and gender.

The check-up involves a physical examination, including an EKG to assess your heart function and blood tests. It is also the chance to evaluate your risk factors for various health conditions.

Why are your annual wellness exams important?

Yearly health check-ups provide a good opportunity to create a lasting relationship with your doctor to enhance your health and wellness.

Your provider assesses your health while observing any new changes since your last health exam. Wellness exams help detect or identify health conditions even before they develop.

Early diagnosis is also possible with check-ups allowing the patient to start the treatment early and prevent further disease progression. Through wellness exams, your provider may point out or note some of your health risk factors, where he can recommend lifestyle modifications.

Wellness exams are affordable since most insurance companies cover them.

Geriatric Care

Geriatric care involves medical care for seniors. Usually, most seniors are at risk of developing health conditions as their body changes. Hence, the need for comprehensive care to enhance their health and better their life quality.

Some of the conditions prone to older patients include:

  •         Heart disease
  •         Arthritis
  •         Diabetes
  •         Flu
  •         Osteoporosis
  •         Respiratory illnesses

Usually, the immune system of seniors becomes weak hence leaving them vulnerable to many health conditions. At Family Life Medical, Dr. Scarborough and his team provide effective care for senior people, including check-ups to preserve their wellness and lower their risk of illnesses.

Flu shot

Flu shot gives protection against flu infection. A flu shot is a type of vaccination administered to protect against the most common strains of influenza, especially during the flu season.

Flu affects the respiratory system causing uncomfortable symptoms that range from mild to severe, disrupting your daily living. Flu shots are ideal for patients of all ages to prevent flu infection.

Consult a family doctor today.

Your health and wellness are critical in your life; it determines the kind of life you live. Having a health physician to take care of your health needs is important. Contact Family Life Medical today to schedule your appointment.

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